Our No.1 World’s Best Workplace award and why it’s good for your business

Rick Davis
Discover content team
3 min read
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DHL Express has recently been named the world’s best workplace. Read on to find out how this happened and why, if your business is in e-commerce, it’s good news for you too. 

In October 2021, Fortune Magazine (famous for its ‘Fortune 500’ companies) unveiled the results of its annual 25 World’s Best Workplaces list – based on a survey of multinational businesses.  Prominent names on the list included such megabrands as Volvo Group, Adobe, Cisco and Hilton. But the name at the top was ours: DHL Express. 

Which means that, in an industry known for its physical labour and exposure to the elements, DHL colleagues can be proud to know they work at the best workplace in the world!

How did this achievement happen?

Back in 2009, DHL adopted a new strategy called Focus. The board believed - and still do - that the power of the company is in its people. So they developed a forward-facing, people-oriented approach. A cultural change program called Certified International Specialist would give every team member the skills and knowledge the business needed to evolve to become specialists in international express delivery. More than a training program, it has become the cultural heartbeat and the development platform for the whole DPDHL Group. 

Alongside developing people, DHL’s other values and initiatives create a tight-knit ‘family feel’. Trust is vital, when colleagues are half a world away. And shipping across continents takes extraordinary teamwork. Every DHL Express employee feels a key player and the ‘can do’ spirit is tangible. This trust, teamwork and collective pride in our work is why our customers talk about us not as a ‘service provider’ but as a partner.

“Without the engagement of our great people, we would not be able to deliver the excellence to our customers as we do today.” - Regine Büttner, Executive Vice President HR, DHL Express.

Also key to our success is the welcoming nature of our colleagues. DHL was born ‘International’, so diversity is in our DNA, with every identity, gender, religion, culture and ability welcomed. And no business could become the No.1 World’s Best Workplace if it didn’t treat its people well. We call this ‘Respect and Results’. Respect takes many forms, from protecting our people and providing bonuses for all during the pandemic, to the annual ‘Appreciation Week’. Respecting and valuing our employees translates into them respecting and valuing our customers.

Over the last year, feeling connected has never been more important, so we rapidly adopted new technologies to keep employees in touch and informed via our global smartphone apps. Our purpose is ‘connecting people, improving lives’, and our people live it – supported by the business. For instance, the DHL’s Got Heart program supports employees who give their personal time to charitable causes, by donating funds and recognizing their efforts. 

“DHL Express has proven that when you deliver for your people, they deliver for your customers.” - Michael C. Bush, CEO, Great Place To WorkTM

What does this mean for you?

So far, so great for us and our people. But how can this benefit your business?

It’s simple really. If you’re in e-commerce, customer loyalty to your brand relies heavily on the delivery and returns experience. And who better to ensure this is created and maintained than the people described above?

Motivated people who take pride in their work – to the extent that DHL maintained their on-time delivery levels, despite the pandemic and huge increase in volumes, with people relying more heavily on the delivery industry. People who have a ‘can-do’ attitude and operate as a connected, close-knit team across borders, continents and time zones. People who feel trusted, appreciated and supported by the company they work for and who believe their employer respects and values them.

People who will deliver your shipments knowing that, despite the complexities of the current environment, theirs is officially the best place to work in the world. 

When the only face your customer sees is the courier, there are many compelling reasons to make sure that courier is wearing a smile, and a DHL uniform!

To talk about opening a DHL account for your international e-commerce business, apply for an account today.

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