Top 4 Logistics Tips Every Fashion E-commerce Business Must Know

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With the global e-commerce boom, what can fashion businesses do to stay competitive? Here are essential logistics tips you need to know. 

Over the last two years, the worldwide e-commerce market has undergone tremendous change and growth. According to UNCTAD, between 2019 and 2020, e-commerce’s share of global retail sales saw an increase from 14% to 17%. This change can be attributed to strict lockdowns and limitations on movement due to the pandemic, which resulted in customers being accustomed to buying products from the comfort of their own homes. 

If you're a clothing e-commerce business, you will not be a stranger to the challenges of fashion retail logistics. Between packing and shipping orders, dealing with returns and tracking inventory, it's a lot of things to stay on top of. 

As customers are increasingly impatient and have grown to expect efficient e-commerce shipping solutions, speedy delivery of your products from Australia to major fashion markets like Europe, China and the United States has never been more crucial. Here are some tips to help you stay competitive in today’s rapidly-changing e-commerce world. 

1. Reduce manufacturing lead times

There are several ways to reduce manufacturing lead times for a fashion e-commerce business. One way is to work with a contract manufacturer with a quick turnaround time. 

You can also optimise your production process to minimise the amount of time it takes to produce each product. Additionally, make use of inventory management software to keep track of your stock and ensure that you always have enough products on hand to meet demand. 

Produce collections in small batches 

There are a few reasons why you should produce your products in small batches. First, it helps to ensure that you're only producing high-quality products. Second, it allows you to focus on one task at a time, which can help improve your efficiency and reduce your production lead time. 

Finally, it is a sustainable fashion practice that minimises your e-commerce business' environmental impact. Production according to demand equates to less waste and more savings for you. In addition, it reduces the amount of inventory that you need to store, enabling you to lower your operating costs. 

Leverage automation

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In today’s digital age, everything is automated. There are a few key reasons why an e-commerce business should use logistics automation software. You can save time by automating tasks that you might have to do manually, improving your efficiency and allowing you to process more orders per minute.

It also reduces human errors and ensures that your orders are processed accurately. For example, RFID tags shipped with your products can automatically populate your automation software, instantly updating you and your team on e-commerce delivery status. 

2. Let customers know what to expect from the shipping process

Like any business, making the sale is only the first step. Now you’ll have to provide your customers with real-time updates on where their purchase is. 

Rather than sending them to your logistics partner, integrate the tracking function onto your site, further marketing your brand and potentially upselling other products that might complement their original purchase. 

3. Streamline the return process 

Returns are inevitable in the e-commerce fashion retail world. Consider providing a returns tracking portal, return labels and shipping materials to make the returns process as streamlined and painless as possible. With a stellar post-purchase experience, you could gain a loyal customer base that keeps returning to your business for more. 

4. Work with a reliable logistics partner

Finally, consider working with a reliable logistics partner, such as DHL Express. We offer top-notch e-commerce shipping solutions for the retail fashion industry to over 220 countries and territories. Ship from Australia to the other side of the world within three days with our international delivery services. Open an account with us to get started today.