Australian Fashion Week 2024

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Marking a milestone in fashion, Sydney once again takes centre stage at Australian Fashion Week 2024, where the nation's most creative minds gather to showcase their visionary contributions to the global fashion market.

Australian Fashion Week (AFW) 2024 is poised to captivate Sydney with an exciting lineup of events at the iconic Carriageworks venue, happening from May 13 (Monday) to May 17 (Friday). 

This year heralds a new era for the event, with Pandora stepping up as the presenting partner following a three-year partnership with Afterpay that concluded in 2023. 

The event is expected to be a kaleidoscope of style and innovation, featuring a blend of established designers and breakthrough talents through its celebrated Next Gen program presented by DHL Express. This initiative is renowned for launching the careers of Australia's promising designers, offering a glimpse into the future of fashion. 

The schedule is packed with runway shows, designer showcases, and expert panels discussing the latest global fashion industry trends. Broadening its audience, fashion week in Australia will extend beyond its traditional scope. 

Select shows will be open to the public, with tickets available on the Australian Fashion Week website. This change allows fashion enthusiasts and casual observers alike to experience the thrill of the runway up close. 

Read on to learn more about the anticipated highlights of Australian Fashion Week 2024 and how DHL Express contributes to bringing this event to life.

Australian fashion week: A platform for innovation

Since its founding in 1996 by Simon Lock, a public relations professional and former ski magazine reporter, Australian Fashion Week has established itself as a seminal event in the fashion industry worldwide.

Under his leadership and company, Australian Fashion Innovators, the event has blossomed into a dynamic showcase that would elevate Australian fashion to the same prestigious level as iconic shows in Milan and Paris. 

In 2005, Lock took a significant step by selling Australian Fashion Innovators and the event to the New York-based International Management Group (IMG). This transition marked a new chapter, broadening the event’s influence in the fashion industry worldwide and continuing its tradition of merging commercial acumen with artistic innovation.

Over the years, Australian Fashion Week has been instrumental in bringing local talent to the forefront, offering designers a platform that previously seemed out of reach. 

There are numerous success stories, including the rise of the Australian fashion brand Clea, which has made a mark with its distinct fusion of contrasting design elements. Appearing at the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week propelled Clea into the limelight, allowing them to showcase their unique collections and firmly establish themselves as one of Australia’s top fashion labels.

The week is more than just a series of catwalks; it's a dynamic ecosystem fostering new talent and encouraging a bold rethinking of fashion norms, continuously adapting to keep pace with global fashion industry trends while celebrating its unique Australian essence.

Highlights of Australian fashion week 2024

Australian Fashion Week 2024 promises to showcase creativity and innovation, capturing the interest of fashion aficionados and industry professionals. The event will feature the highly anticipated Next Gen program presented by DHL Express, which highlights up-and-coming designers, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents on the runway at Australian Fashion Week.

This year, designers like Amy Lawrance, Emily Watson, Abby Potter's House of Campbell, and Potirakis are expected to bring fresh and creative perspectives to the show.

Reflecting this spirit of innovation, the Australian Fashion Week schedule is packed with exciting events and showcases, including the:

  • Next Gen presented by DHL on May 13 (by invitation)
  • MASTANI on May 14 (by invitation)
  • Pandora launch event on May 15 (by invitation)
  • Makeup Masterclass presented by Lancôme on May 16 (with tickets)
  • Fragrance masterclass presented by creed on May 17 (with tickets)

You can visit their official website for a complete list of the Australian Fashion Week schedule and event dates.

How DHL Express’ logistics services support fashion week preparations

As the official logistics partner for IMG's fashion week events worldwide, DHL Express plays a foundational role in the operational success of these high-profile events. 

Here in Australia, DHL Express has been at the forefront of supporting the fashion industry for more than 13 years, underpinning the seamless execution of Australian Fashion Week. 

Our logistics service expertise guarantees the timely and secure delivery of designer garments and essential equipment. This precise coordination ensures that all necessary items arrive in perfect condition, enabling designers and organisers to concentrate on delivering a compelling creative experience for their audience.

Effective logistics management with DHL Express Australia 

For Australian fashion retailers, managing the complexities of logistics is essential, whether preparing for events like Australian Fashion Week or ensuring smooth international shipping to global customersDHL Express Australia enhances this with tailored logistics solutions, providing timely and safe delivery of everything from runway haute couture to the latest retail collections.

Our real-time tracking system provides transparency, which is critical during the frantic run-up to major fashion events, ensuring that new collections arrive on time and intact. This same visibility reassures customers about the timely delivery of their purchases, strengthening their trust in the retailer.

Moreover, DHL Express underpins the entire retail cycle, supporting fashion retailers from sourcing materials globally to managing returns and minimising production waste. This comprehensive support ensures that retailers can efficiently further their clothing lines and collections, enhancing their operational capabilities and market reach. 

Our team of customs experts also plays a crucial role; our expedited customs clearance services streamline the import or export process, preventing delays that could impact both major event showcases and regular sales. 

This seamless integration of services benefits the entire business spectrum, from high-profile fashion events to daily consumer sales, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow that supports both the immediate needs and long-term goals of fashion retailers.

Connect your Australian fashion brand to the world with DHL Express

As Australian Fashion Week unveils its innovative styles and creative designs, it not only showcases the best of local talent but also highlights the global potential of these brands. 

With the fashion market rapidly growing, global fashion industry statistics forecast its value to reach approximately US$770.00 billion by 2024, according to Statista’s market insights. This growth presents vast opportunities for Australian fashion labels to flourish on the world stage.

At DHL Express, our network spans over 220 countries and territories, enabling us to support these brands as they look to expand their reach internationally and meet this burgeoning demand efficiently.

To ensure this expansion is sustainable, we utilise our GoGreen solutions like electric vehicles, carbon-reduced air freight, and other green logistics practices. This commitment aligns with the increasing demands for sustainability, particularly from eco-focused consumers, adding trust and global appeal to your Australian fashion brand.

Dress the world in your designs – open a DHL Express Australia business account today.