Sustainability goals: Here’s how to take advantage of DHL Express green logistics

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Today’s customers are increasingly conscious about the effect of their consumption, paying close attention to their own carbon footprints. As a business, keeping up with greener consumer behaviour is key to remaining relevant among your target audience. This begins by partnering with vendors who are on the same page as you. Here’s how DHL’s unique green logistics services can be your next leverage in attracting the customers you’re after.

With the rise of green consumerism and the push towards a sustainable future, businesses are expected to take responsibility and make eco-friendly decisions in their operations. For companies in the e-commerce sector in particular, one area they can make a significant impact in is their logistics operations.

Whether you’re a small business selling products online or an established brand with a commanding presence globally, the distance your parcel travels contributes to mounting carbon emissions. Add to that the resources required to run warehouses and power delivery fleets, and you can see why finding a green solution for logistical operations is ever so important.

Being an international courier service provider, we at DHL Express ensure that our processes prioritise environmental sustainability, allowing us to serve as reliable partners for a global clientele. We achieve this by committing to DHL’s core mission of climate-neutral shipping through a series of GoGreen services designed for brands in Australia looking for sustainable alternatives on the last mile.

Join our community of forward-looking businesses that benefit from green logistics solutions. Here’s how:

1. Offset carbon emissions through environmental projects 

Every year around the world, many organisations set up projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. By purchasing carbon credits from these projects, we can help you offset your carbon footprint. This is done by calculating the estimated amounts of CO2 generated based on your shipments’ weight and the distance they travel. Each calculation and offset is verified by Swiss-based auditor Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), according to EU and ISO standards.

We pay close attention to the projects we support. From India, Laos and Vietnam to Aruba and Brazil to our independent venture in Lesotho, we ensure each project generates ‘VER Gold Standard’ credits.

Why is offsetting carbon emissions helpful for your business?

Carbon offsetting does not directly reduce the carbon emissions produced by your shipments. However, it is an important and helpful venture for your business as it connects you with the larger stratosphere of sustainability. You play a part in supporting green efforts globally; the money earned from your purchase of carbon credits is channelled into running sustainable projects on a massive scale. You can share these efforts with your customers and position yourself as an avid supporter of the green cause.

It goes without saying that depending on your carbon credits is not the only way to promote sustainability as a business. Ensure you still take all the necessary steps to keep your shipments eco-friendly. These include using environmentally sustainable packaging design, which, for instance, is made from recycled matter and can be further recycled, thus extending the life cycle of the materials. We support you in this endeavour by shipping your parcels from Australia with a delivery fleet comprising aeroplanes powered by sustainable aviation fuels as well as electric vehicles with no tailpipe emissions. You are also encouraged to think beyond and find more ways to incorporate sustainability practices into your business, such as relooking at your warehouse operations and educating your employees on conservation measures to build a green company culture.

2. Analyse carbon footprint with detailed reports

When you offset your carbon emissions, we help you record a detailed breakdown of these calculations in the Customer Carbon Estimate Report. We show you the amount of carbon emissions generated based on the number of shipments shipped out of Australia, their weight and the distance travelled across the last mile. We also take into account emissions generated by storing and transporting your shipments with our fleet and facilities.

Why is analysing carbon footprint helpful for your business?

Data informs processes; likewise, the reports we generate help you track and assess the impact of your logistical operations on the environment. By drawing patterns and insights from these data, you can better plan sustainability targets and devise strategies to achieve them. Reducing carbon emission values and relying less on carbon credits by a certain percentage, for instance, can be new goals you can set for yourself. Then, you can map out the actionables to achieve them, such as reducing materials used in packaging and optimising parcel box sizes. 

These carbon emissions reports also allow you to be transparent with your customers and stakeholders; being truthful about your carbon footprint is a step towards acknowledging the need for greater environmental conservation. Showing you care can help you gain the support you need for your business, especially with rising green consumerism.

3. Get certified for your environmental commitment

Complementing the carbon emission reports is the GoGreen Annual Certificate. Unlike the aforementioned carbon emission report, this certificate records the:

  1. Total amount of carbon emissions from your GoGreen shipments we helped you neutralise for the year with carbon credits

  2. The environmental projects you purchased carbon credits from

Why is an environmental commitment certificate helpful for your business?

The GoGreen Annual Certificate is a way for you to share and emphasise your environmental commitment with your customers and stakeholders. Continuously informing your target audience of your consistent involvement brands you as environmentally conscious, a key attribute in today’s marketplace of consumers who have sustainability at the top of their minds.

And it only takes one step to make that difference. Make that leap today with DHL Express by opening a business account with us. Let us pave the way for you towards becoming an environmentally-friendly business in Australia with well-crafted green solutions and change the way you make deliveries today. You may also make an inquiry about DHL Express GoGreen services online, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can.