A quick guide on incorporating sustainability practices into your business

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With environmental sustainability taking centre stage for long-term continued organisational success, it’s essential to begin implementing best practices as part of your everyday business strategies. 

Did you know that more than one million species are at risk of extinction because of the intensity of climate change? This is just one of the many detrimental consequences that have come about due to the lack of environmental sustainability in decades past.    

In order to combat and potentially reverse these effects, DHL Express is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint and implementing the best sustainability practices. With an increase in activities like online shopping and global trade, it’s important to consider all aspects of sustainability, from the organisational level right down to each individuals’ action.  

Looking for the best sustainable approaches to your business strategies and management? Find out how you can kick start this process. 

What are some of the best sustainability practices? 

Sustainability is not only a team effort, but also a long-term one. Make sure to start with small steps first, to prevent a loss of motivation which can be detrimental to your efforts. 

1. Educate your employees

In order to maximise change, everyone needs to be on board with making a difference. Educating your employees about the rationale for simple changes implemented such as switching off the air-conditioning or lights when not in use, can keep them more motivated to continue doing their part. Plus, these actions are small and do not necessarily take a chunk of time. 

2. Partner with nonprofit organisations 

There are a ton of nonprofits combating climate change nowadays that can help you in your fight against climate change. Even if they can’t help you logistically, they can guide you in tailoring your business’ sustainability strategies to achieve the best results. 

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3. Encourage volunteerism

Encouraging your employees to volunteer through activities such as beach cleanups and other types of environmentally friendly programs, in exchange for time off, can do wonders in motivating them to do their part. Start with small projects first to assess their success, then gradually develop on them if they show promise. 

What does a sustainable supply chain look like? 

With supply chains come many ways to implement environmentally sustainable policies. From your transport considerations to packaging, they present you with options to work toward a sustainable supply chain. 

1. Packaging

Ensuring that you procure sustainably produced packaging, such as compostable, recycled and corrugated packaging helps to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Additionally, plastic is one of the biggest killers of sea animals, so reducing your plastic consumption can go a long way in preserving aquatic wildlife. 

2. Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions are the key cause behind climate change, which makes the need for sustainable transport and shipping even more crucial. For example, moving the production site closer to consumers, as well as switching to solar or wind powered installations, can result in a reduced amount of carbon emissions.   

3. Warehouse operations

Moving toward smarter warehouse operations is one way to actively reduce your electricity consumption. For example, installing ‘smart sensors’ that automatically switch off unnecessary air-conditioning or lights helps to reduce your electric consumption with minimal effort. In doing so, it also helps to keep your costs at a minimum. 

Reducing your carbon footprint as an organisation

Implementing sustainable business practices is a joint effort amongst everyone in your organisation, and even your business partners. To develop motivated employees, it’s best to start with small steps, then gradually implement more changes once your team becomes accustomed. 

DHL Express does its part through implementing environmentally sustainable business practices, such as the GoGreen carbon neutral shipping service and various social impact programs to extend influence to partners and consumers.