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With the growth of e-commerce, we at DHL Express understand the increasing importance of sustainable logistics to both consumers and businesses.

Logistics plays a central role in the global economy and the industry can play a crucial part in the way business is done and its environmental impact.

That’s why since 2013 we’ve offered a range of products to help our customers – businesses like yours – achieve their environmental goals.

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GoGreen with DHL’s Climate Neutral shipping service

At DHL Express, we have a range of green products to help you minimise the environmental impact of your business’ logistics.

GoGreen Climate Neutral

Offset your logistics emissions

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GoGreen Carbon Emissions Reporting

Analyse your environmental footprint

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GoGreen Annual Certificate

Share your environmental commitment

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GoGreen Climate Neutral

Offset your logistics emissions

We can help you offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated from your logistics through investments in internationally recognised climate protection projects, including our very own independent project in Lesotho.

How offsetting works

For each shipment you choose to send climate neutral, we calculate the estimated CO2 equivalent emissions based on the shipment’s weight and distance travelled.

To offset these emissions, carbon credits are bought from recognised climate protection projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Sign up to become a GoGreen customer

Certified by leading industry standards

The emission calculation and offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions are verified by the Swiss-based auditor Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). This happens in accordance with the global, cross-industry ‘GHG Protocol for Products’ standard, the European Standard EN 16258 and ISO 14064 standards.


What projects will my carbon credits support?

We select climate protection projects based on both their environmental and social benefits. All projects must generate at least ‘VER Gold Standard’ credits.

The Lesotho project has also been certified under the new Fairtrade Climate Standard since 2016 and it is the first of its kind to meet this standard.

Here’s a look at some of the projects your carbon credits will support:

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India Guatemala Aruba Eritrea Laos Chile Brazil Lesotho Vietnam


Goldstandard VER 816

The power supply on the Caribbean island of Aruba is mainly dependent on diesel and other fossil fuels. This has two major disadvantages: firstly, they have to be imported from abroad and secondly, they cause significant amounts of carbon emissions. Our Carbon offset project, on the other hand, is doing pioneering work by using the island’s natural energy resource: the wind.


Goldstandard VER 1042

The project activity is the bundled project of five red ceramic factories belonging to Grupo Tavares, a family business that owns several ceramic factories in the State of Ceará, Brazil. The following ceramic factories are included in this project: Antônio Ceramic, Ceará Ceramic, Ceagra Ceramic, Eliane Ceramic and Santa Rita Ceramic. All five factories are located in the Northeast Brazil, in the state of Ceará.


Goldstandard VER 3976

The project ‘Santa Marta Landfill Gas (LFG) Capture for Electricity Generation Project’ is a landfill gas to energy project developed by Consorcio Santa Marta S.A. The proposed activity involves the collection and utilisation of the LFG for generation of electricity. Santa Marta landfill is an existing and operational landfill site. It is located 17 km south of Santiago city and started its operation in 2002. It is one of the most important landfills in the region, serves a population of around 1,200,000 inhabitants corresponding to the southern communes of Santiago.


Goldstandard VER 1247

Project 1247 bundles the activities of various microscale projects. The most basic requirement to sustain life is clean water. For many rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa the struggle to find clean safe drinking water can take a major part of a family’s resource. More often than not the burden falls to women and children to collect water, often walking a great distance from home. Even then water drawn from pools or rivers is often contaminated with pollutants and potentially lethal bacteria that cause illness and infections, and so to make the water palatable and safe to drink it needs to be boiled.


Goldstandard VER 1321

One of the major causes of deforestation in Guatemala is the harvesting of wood for cooking, heating, and water treatment. In addition to the environmental and health consequences associated with cooking with a traditional wood-burning stove, many Guatemalan women and children spend much of their time gathering fuel, instead of putting that time toward more productive purposes. This project will promote the distribution of improved energy saving wood stoves and safe water treatment devices in Guatemala.


Goldstandard VER 4603

Vaayu (India) Power Corporation Private Limited (VIPCPL) has installed a 50.4 MW wind farm in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The project activity consists of 63 machines of Wind World make WW-53 rated capacity 800 KW each. The electricity generated by project activity shall be supplied to the state electricity utility thereby contributing to reducing the energy demand supply gap in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The project activity assists the sustainable growth of the region by providing clean and green electricity to the state electricity grid.


Goldstandard VER 2707

Nam Long Hydropower Project is located 50 km west of Louang Namtha and 9 km northwest of Long District, Louang Namtha Province, Lao PDR. The project is a run-of-river hydropower station. The installed capacity is 5 MW, with annually 37 GWh power supplied to the power grid. The proposed project will result in CO2 emission reduction, as it will displace the power generation that otherwise would be based on a mix of fossil fuels.


Goldstandard VER 913

The CDM Gold Standard project supplies households with efficient wood fuel stove-cooking-sets called SAVE80 in several districts of Lesotho where households use mainly firewood as fuel. Each SAVE80 Set contains a stainless steel stove, several pots with lids and a heat-retaining polypropylene box.


Goldstandard VER 1083

With the development and maintenance of biodigesters, the Biogas Program in Vietnam supports more than 790,000 people in over 55 provinces. Utilising local labour and resources, the program harnesses biogas from animal waste to provide households with fuel.

GoGreen Carbon Emissions Reporting

Analyse your environmental footprint

When you sign up to offset your logistics emissions with GoGreen Climate Neutral, you’ll also have the option to request a detailed carbon emissions report. The report calculates emissions using the same method as GoGreen Climate Neutral.

The data from this report will help your business:

  • Track and assess the environmental impact of your shipments
  • Inform and develop sustainable targets
  • Be transparent with your customers and stakeholders

GoGreen Annual Certificate

Share your environmental commitment

When you sign up to our GoGreen Climate Neutral service your business will receive a certificate once a year, which can be used to share your environmental commitment with your customers.

This certificate identifies the total amount of estimated carbon emissions from a business’ GoGreen shipments that were neutralised in environmental protection projects.

Why make your business more sustainable?

Going green can bring an array of benefits to your business, including improving operational efficiencies and sales.

Nowadays, consumers are shopping with sustainability front of mind. To resonate with them, your business needs to communicate its sustainable ethos and share the actions it’s actively taking for the environment.

Consumers care a great deal about how their online deliveries are contributing to increased carbon emissions and traffic with growing numbers saying they’re conscious of the issue – up from 47% in 2017 1


In the past year consumer purchasing decisions have evolved, with more than half of shoppers now making more environmentally friendly purchases 2


Over a third of consumers aged 18-26 expressed heightened concerns about the negative impact their purchase decisions are having on the world 1


Let customers know about your environmental commitment

Once your business is shipping with GoGreen Climate Neutral, apply to use the official logo on your website and customer communication materials.

Some of the ways you can tell customers about your commitment to the environment include:

  • Promote it on your business’ website sustainability statement
  • Include it on product description pages, at the checkout, or in order confirmation emails
  • Provide updates to your customers on the amount of carbon they have helped to offset – communicate this via your social media channels or customer newsletter

Contact our green logistics experts

If you’re interested in learning more about how DHL Express can help reduce your business’ environmental impact or would like to sign up to our Climate Neutral shipping service, please fill out the form.

One of our green logistics experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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Photograph supplied by COMMAS | Kira Celine

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