DHL Express’ roadmap to decarbonisation

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With growing awareness, governments and consumers are pushing for industries to be more climate-friendly and sustainable. Find out more about how DHL Express has committed to leaving a lasting impact on communities through sustainable measures that focus on decarbonisation, connecting people, and improving lives. 

The concerns around climate change have been around for decades, and according to NASA, there’s increasing evidence that humans are the cause of climate change. As more consumers are willing to take action, such as paying more for sustainability and supporting brands that are environmentally friendly as quoted by Business Wire, businesses should also take charge and adopt green practices to make their operations more sustainable.

DHL Express is leading the logistics industry through its green initiatives and zero carbon emissions commitment to creating a greener and sustainable planet for future generations. This article explores DHL’s Mission 2050 and its aim to achieve its planned decarbonisation. We also discuss DHL’s green initiatives and successful projects toward decarbonisation.

1. DHL’s Mission 2050

DHL Express connects millions of people every day and carries the responsibility of the environment, people, and the 220 countries and territories they span. DHL’s path to sustainable logistics focuses on clean operations for climate protection and decarbonisation futures. DHL’s Mission 2050 aims to guide the logistics industry toward a sustainable future and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. The main goals of this mission include:

  • Investing €7 billion to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 and committing to zero emissions by 2050.

  • To create carbon-neutral buildings that use solar power for their power needs.

  • To decarbonise logistics operations using sustainable fuels in aviation.

  • To use green energy to run fleets and facilities to enhance the decarbonisation process.

  • To plan routes and networks more efficiently.

  • To operate 70% of first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions using bicycles and electric vehicles, that work on decarbonising engines, by the year 2025.

  • To incorporate green solutions in 50% of sales by the year 2025.

  • To train 80% of employees and involve them in environmental and climate protection activities by 2025.

  • To plant one million trees each year.

2. DHL’s GoGreen initiatives

Emphasising the importance of sustainable logistics for customers and businesses, DHL Express’  GoGreen initiative offers climate-neutral shipping solutions that guide companies on how they can decarbonise and achieve their sustainability goals.

GoGreen Climate Neutral

Companies can offset their logistics greenhouse gas emissions by calculating the estimated CO2 emissions based on a shipment's weight and distance travelled. Then, they buy carbon credits via DHL Express from recognised climate protection projects to offset these emissions. 

GoGreen Carbon Emissions Reporting

Through carbon emissions reporting, businesses can track and assess the impact of their shipments on the environment. This detailed information allows them to develop sustainable goals in ways that bring overall emissions down, while creating greater transparency with stakeholders and customers.

GoGreen Annual Certificate

The GoGreen initiative also provides an annual certificate to businesses that acknowledges their sustainability efforts. This certificate captures the amount of estimated carbon emissions your business neutralised on GoGreen shipments through environmental protection projects. The added benefit is that it reassures your customers that you are a business committed to creating a greener future. 

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3. DHL’s successful decarbonisation projects

DHL Express continues to take constructive steps to achieve its sustainability goals. The following two climate protection projects show DHL Express’ commitment towards decarbonisation.

High-efficiency stoves for Lesotho

In the small, mountainous country of Lesotho in southern Africa, the villagers used to cook their food on open fires. The smoke from these fires significantly impacted the environment and people’s health. Deutsche Post DHL Group distributed over 10,000 high-efficiency wood-burning Save80 stoves from 2011 to 2013. 

The stove's thermal wonderbox technology that retains heat used 80% less firewood than their older methods. Less burnt wood translated to less smoke, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Deutsche Post DHL Group receives carbon credits for the carbon savings generated by this project, which are directed towards DHL’s climate neutral services.

COMMAS offsets its delivery emissions

COMMAS is an Australian fashion brand that makes resort wear with sustainable materials and ensures that sustainability goals are met throughout its supply chain. The business looked to DHL Express to go carbon neutral as part of its decarbonisation strategy for its international deliveries from Australia. It now operates sustainably through the following processes:

  • The brand uses recycled polyamide for making its swimwear.

  • It provides a five-year repair warranty for its swimwear to help keep textiles out of landfills.

  • The company uses quality fabric that can stand the test of time. 

  • By using DHL Express’ GoGreen Climate Neutral service, the brand can reduce carbon emissions along its supply chain and contribute toward industrial decarbonisation.

Partner with DHL Express 

DHL Express is a reliable international express delivery partner that has taken steps to make the environment more sustainable and green. Whether you require same-day shipments or other time-sensitive solutions, you can rest assured that we will assist you in shipping your items from Australia to the rest of the world while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Open an account with us today to benefit from the DHL Express’ roadmap to decarbonisation and sustainability.