Beginner’s Guide: DHL Express Tools & Support

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How to Get Started

Before you proceed to launch your first international shipment with your DHL Express account, first you must be familiar with the DHL Express toolkit. 

MyDHL+, eSecure and MyBill are among the most essential tools you are going to use regularly to book and manage shipments, manage invoices, and take charge of your account security throughout your time with DHL Express. 


MyDHL+ is an integrated online platform that offers one-stop solutions for every shipping need. The key functions include:

  • Shipment booking
  • Shipping necessities procurement
  • DHL packing guide
  • Paperless trade
  • Import parcels

Learn MyDHL+ Registration
Learn MyDHL+ Shipment Creation
Learn how to order supplies via MyDHL+

Visit MyDHL+


ESecure is an advanced security feature you can find on MyDHL+ that protects your account from unauthorized access. What does account security and access management mean:

  • Review, approve or reject account access or usage
  • Have a visibility of all users of your account

Read the DHL eSecure user guide

Visit eSecure


A billing e-portal to manage all your invoices and make payment online.

Visit MyBill

Additional Support Contact 

Reach out to the subject matter expert directly for support.

eShipping Solutions Helpdesk

If you need any assistance using MyDHL+ or have any issue about this shipping platform that you would like to raise, contact:

Hotline: 03-2241 8111
Email: essmy@dhl.com

Billing & Account Payables

If you have any issues related to billing and invoices, reach out for support via:

Hotline: 603 2241 8600
Email: credit_kulco@dhl.com

Other Inquiries

Contact your dedicated account manager for assistance or contact us via:

Social Media 24/7 Live Support: Facebook
24/7 Hotline: 1800 888 388
Email: my_cs_DHLCare@dhl.com
WhatsApp Digital Assistant: +60 16-299 4433