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Gift Shipments Notice: Security Measures at DHL Express

News · 4 min read

Gift Shipments Notice: Security Measures at DHL Express

The safety and security of the shipments we transport, is of utmost importance to us. We therefore inspect shipments handed over to us, to check for any restricted or prohibited commodities, hazardous material, contraband etc. Such inspection is conducted by many methods like physically opening and examining the contents of the package, using sniffer dogs, x-ray machines etc.

We inspect 100% of the shipments at our Service Point. So when you hand over the shipment to us, we reserve the right to inspect the shipment.

You would appreciate that this is done for the safety of your packages. So please help us help you by doing the following:

  1. Co-operate with the courier / service point executive at the time of shipment inspection
  2. Do not wrap or seal the packages until the package has been inspected

Thank you for your understanding.

Note: This policy is aligned with the legal and regulatory requirements of numerous Governments / other Regulatory authorities and is standard practice across the express delivery industry to ensure only legitimate shipments are accepted.

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