Supply Chains Insights Beyond COVID-19

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COVID-19 has redefined the way we live and do business. Its effects can be observed on a global scale – almost every country and industry was impacted in one way or another. There is now a pressing need for businesses to build more resilient strategies to stay prepared for unexpected risks and be able to recover from potential disruptions. 

In a recent article by Christopher Ong, Managing Director of DHL Express Singapore, for the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), he discussed DHL Express’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic based on core dimensions of supply chain resilience and how the organization strived toward managing the challenges and risks during the outbreak. 

Chris also shared how DHL Express was able to support the community by being able to continuously deliver much needed shipments of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical-related supplies around the world. Besides the many ‘emergency initiatives’, DHL Express’ recent deployment of several Boeing 777 freighters helped to maintain our global network capabilities – a solution that worked around the limitations of commercial air cargo capacity.

In line with Singapore’s transition into a Smart Nation, DHL Express was also actively improving aspects of our digital capabilities. The implementation of contactless delivery modes and online payment options proved more than beneficial to sustain business continuity as Singapore announced the ‘Circuit Breaker’.
Chris pointed out that Singapore’s leadership and pro-business environment had enabled DHL Express to continue its operations as an essential service during the lockdown period. The government’s crisis containment measures and policies also played a significant role in enabling DHL Express to keep our focus on our business to cope with increased payloads and robust volumes amidst COVID disruptions. 

“There is no telling when the pandemic will come to an end. From having the right technologies in place and addressing the weakest links in our supply chains, to ensuring that we have the right processes from which we can ensure business continuity and resilience, we have to stay prepared to emerge stronger on the other side of this crisis.”

Read the full article here: Beyond Covid-19: Lessons in Supply Chain Resilience

DHL Express’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is fueled by fulfilling our promise to our customers and those who rely on our international expertise to reach the rest of the world. Our motivated employees work round to clock to ensure that your shipments are well-taken care of amidst the challenging times while continuing to optimize your shipping experience with a focus on sustainability, reliability, and resilience.

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