Shipping healthcare supplies to mainland China

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Commonly asked questions on shipping healthcare supplies to mainland China

The novel coronavirus outbreak first started in Wuhan, China, and has since affected other parts of the world, leading to the declaration of a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization. As China battles the virus outbreak at the epi-centre, healthcare supplies are pouring in from around the world as people of all nations stand in solidarity in this fight between virus and man. 

Here are some important information you need to know before shipping healthcare supplies to Mainland China.

Why is my shipment of surgical masks being held by Singapore customs?

Singapore Customs is performing additional checks on all exports of masks out of Singapore to determine if the items are properly declared. It will take 1 to 3 working days before the shipment can be released by Singapore Customs for uplift out of Singapore.

To reduce delays, please provide the following documents and information prior to shipping. Please note that the export will still be subjected to Singapore Customs’ inspection and approval.

Documents and information required for all mask export shipments:

  • Total Quantity Shipped, including the count of smaller packs/boxes within the shipment

  • Packing List/ Commercial Invoice  

  • Reasons for Export

If I want to ship medical equipment (e.g.: mask) / medicine to China, what is the requirement?

For mask, no import license is required. However, for other medical equipment and medicine, import license is required.  Importer needs to obtain import license or exemption from China Medical Product Administration.

If I want to ship hand sanitizer/hand wipes to China, what is the requirement?

If the hand sanitizer/ hand wipes do not contain alcohol, DHL can accept the shipment. Please refer to the value limits for further information. 

If the hand sanitizer/ hand wipes contain alcohol, a Safety Data Sheet from the manufacturer has to be provided to DHL to assess for verification before we can advise if we can accept the item.

What are the shipping value limits to China?

For shipment sent to individuals, shipment value must be less than RMB1,000 and the quantity should be deemed reasonable for personal use as determined by Customs officers. On the paperwork, the receiver's name has to be shown in the consignee column, no company name appears. Copy of consignee’s ID, shipment descriptions (such as product model number, brand name), and net quantity need to be clearly indicated on the invoice.  Normal clearance time will be 3-5 working days from when the consignee provides all documents requested by China Customs.

Shipments valued between RMB1,000 to RMB4,999 may require further paperwork from the receiver, subject to the discretion of China Customs. 

For shipment valued over RMB5,000, it will be cleared as a commercial shipment requiring formal entry. Consignee needs to be registered as Importer of Record (IOR) in customs or engage a 3rd party IOR.  Please indicate the consignee’s Customs Registration (CR) number or 18-digit Unified Social Credit Identifier (USCI) number on the invoice. Shipment descriptions (such as product model number, brand name) and net quantity have to be clearly stated on the invoice as well. 

What happens if my shipment is stuck in China customs and I want to have it returned?

As per China Customs regulation, customers are required to get any shipment in powder, liquid, or gel form tested in order to obtain the non-DG certificate for uplift from China. Since there are no testing centers within the customs-controlled area, such shipments will have to be abandoned in China.

Returns for other types of shipment can be arranged through our Customer Service and subjected to China Customs approval.