Ship Now and Get an Exclusive Offer with UOB

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Send your parcels or documents to over 220 countries and territories in the shortest possible time with DHL Express. Open a corporate account today and enjoy big discounts on your international shipments!

We are offering a unique promotion for businesses with a UOB credit card. Create a new DHL Express export or import account and enjoy up to 60% off* shipping rates! 

At DHL Express, we want to expand your possibilities and focus on the development of your business by offering you a reliable, consistent, and secure international delivery service. We aim to fortify global supply chains by providing industry-leading solutions to tackle international logistics complications. 

Our innovative online shipping tools are designed to ensure all your shipping needs are met at your convenience. By operating an extensive global network, we are constantly working round the clock to make sure that all your shipments entrusted to us will be delivered smoothly. We offer real-time tracking and 24/7 customer service support so you can maintain full visibility and control of your shipments all the time.

Start shipping with DHL Express as a premium corporate member today and better connect your business to the whole world. No-fuss, no complications – simply delivered.

Speak to one of our Certified International Specialists to help you get started!

*Terms & Conditions apply.