Cafebond: Tasting Success Across Borders

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Based in Singapore, Cafebond.com is an online marketplace for freshly roasted specialty coffee beans sourced from top coffee roasters around the world. The startup was founded by two friends, Eugene Chen and Keyis Ng, after gaining inspiration from their trip to Melbourne back in 2015.

Seeing a prime opportunity in Singapore, the duo then launched Cafebond.com in June 2016 with imported coffee beans from 14 popular cafes and roastery in Melbourne. The e-commerce marketplace soon gained attention from various media outlets and fellow coffee lovers, and business started growing rapidly. Today, Cafebond.com has expanded its product offerings to include coffee beans from coffee roasters from other regions, such as Canberra, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and Singapore.

To ensure maximum freshness of coffee beans, Cafebond.com operates under a zero-inventory model, which means logistics and speedy delivery plays an exceptionally important role in their business. As avid coffee lovers, both Chen and Ng were extremely particular about the quality of their coffee beans, and therefore, they decided to partner DHL Express as their dedicated courier partner.

With DHL Express, the freshly roasted specialty coffee beans can be shipped from Australia to Singapore within a day. The coffee beans were thus maintained in perfect condition as they travel from the overseas roasters to Cafebond.com’s office, and right up to the customers’ doorstep. With our international shipment support, Cafebond.com was able to streamline its inventory process to provide its customers with freshly roasted specialty coffee beans, resulting in a huge increase in customer satisfaction.

"Our Cafebond.com team is very particular about the quality of coffee beans we supply to our retail and corporate customers. We knew that the coffee beans had to be shipped quickly to preserve its freshness, and our first thought was DHL Express."