MightyJaxx: Bringing Their Awesome Collectibles To The World

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The amalgamation of artistry and ingenuity has propelled Singaporean toymaker Mighty Jaxx toward establishing themselves as an internationally recognized brand. Entrepreneur Jackson Aw, founder of Mighty Jaxx has turned his $20,000 start-up into a multi-million-dollar tech-enabled, lifestyle product manufacturing business by striking all the right notes.

Jackson, an avid toy collector, has always wanted to follow his passions. In 2012, he spent a month visiting various factories in China to observe how toys were made – piquing his interest and appreciation for designer toys after seeing the gruelling and ultimately rewarding process of a craftsman’s handiwork. With a bold passion, novel ideas, and some persuasion of his initially hesitant parents, Mighty Jaxx was born.


Mighty Jaxx_Hell Lotus  Mighty Jaxx_Hell Lotus 2  Mighty Jaxx_Hell Lotus 3

All unprecedented business ideas always begin with a challenging start. The initial response to Mighty Jaxx’s very first creation – the “Hell Lotus” designed by renowned Singaporean artist Clogtwo did not foretell a very promising start to the venture. Unwavered and fuelled by his desire to succeed, Jackson pressed on, facing the hardships of building a business from scratch. Gaining traction over time, Jackson took the opportunity to gradually expand the business.


Mighty Jaxx_Sesame Street  Mighty Jaxx_Spongebob collection

Mighty Jaxx_Woodworked_POPek  Mighty-Jaxx_Whatshisname_Popek

With his creative background, Jackson never slowed down when it came to innovation. He started creating an array of collectibles, from familiar ones with a never seen before ‘twist’, to fresh, new designs that were quirky, raw, and audacious but most importantly, those that resonated with their target audience. Collaborating with various artists, designers, and popular brands from around the world to create limited-edition collectibles also boosted demand for their new releases and riding on a wave of momentum, Jackson began expanding their reach in the global market.


Mighty Jaxx Company

Today, Mighty Jaxx employs over 50 people and their products ship globally to over 60 different countries, but their journey is far from over. Jackson has done fantastically well in steering his company in the right direction at each turn. Looking to take their game to new heights, Mighty Jaxx continues to press forward, recently securing an accumulated investment of SGD 6.7million to fund the company’s future developments.

Since the start of the year, Mighty Jaxx has gradually rolled out tech-enabled collectibles in all of their new releases, with the target of shipping 5 million tech-enabled collectibles globally in 2020. Now armed with the ability to authenticate their collectibles via tamper-resistant and permanent digital certificates, Mighty Jaxx’s proprietary tech platform allows their customers to purchase the latest products with a peace of mind without running the risk of obtaining a subpar or counterfeit product, an added value to collectors as Mighty Jaxx collectibles can sell for up to 20x its original value on the secondary market. In the near future, collectors can also look forward to more exciting projects as a collaboration with big names such as Hasbro and Nickelodeon are already in the works. 


DHL Delivery van

Mighty Jaxx’s collectibles have resonated positively with collectors all around the world. In 2019, Jackson decided to use DHL Express Singapore as their one-stop logistics provider for his import, export, and return shipments, all over the globe. DHL Express’s On-Demand Delivery service helps to ensure a flexible delivery schedule for their customers.

As a growing number of loyal collectors form the bulk of Mighty Jaxx’s repeat customers, the brand needed a reliable international courier service in Singapore that was able to handle their growing demand with precision and care, ensuring that all their shipments would be delivered in the fastest way possible – ultimately, sharing their goals for success.

Logistics is one of our largest costs. If we are going to spend that much on shipping, we must do it with a company that gets it right” – Jackson Aw

DHL Express Singapore had the privilege of interviewing Jackson in a special webinar series. Check out the video here.