Slickieslaces: Link Up Your International Customers

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In 2015, the husband-and-wife duo Shu and Zedd started Slickieslaces, a Singapore-based startup that specializes in shoelaces. The idea came from Zedd’s love for sneakers, and his frustration with the lack of options for shoelaces for his diverse sneakers collection.

Fueled by their passion, the team at Slickieslaces worked hard to grow their business on various platforms. As they grew their following on social networking sites, Slickieslaces soon garnered interest from various customers, which subsequently led to an expansion of their product offerings to other verticals, such as SLICKIESSTRIPES and SNEAKERGUARD.

Their hard work paid off, and Slickieslaces started to receive orders from other countries in Asia Pacific, such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, as well as internationally from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and to other regions of Europe.

Slickieslaces has a core mission – to provide quality products with exceptional service. Together, the team works to ensure every part of their business is aligned with this statement, from customer engagement on social media to delivery options. Therefore, to meet their customers’ shipping needs, Slickieslaces partnered with DHL Express to offer international express shipping options for them.

As the brand’s courier partner, DHL Express is dedicated to providing exceptional e-commerce fulfillment solutions. Coupled with our well-established global delivery network, we are able to ensure that all Slickieslaces products are delivered to their international customers efficiently and safely.

Today, Slickieslaces is regarded as one of the largest shoelace brands in the world. As the brand expands rapidly in the international e-commerce marketplace, DHL Express continues to provide quality shipment support to meet their ever-growing orders. With us handling their international shipment process, the team at Slickieslaces has more time to work on other areas of their business, leading to significant revenue growth year on year.

“We knew we had to find a reliable international shipping partner in order to create the best online shopping experience for our customers, and DHL Express fits the bill perfectly.”