The Golden Duck Gets a Taste of Global Success

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Culinary visionaries Jonathan Shen and Christopher Hwang rode on the salted egg yolk popularity train as demand for salted egg yolk dishes skyrocketed in Singapore. Their arduous journey to success started from identifying this trend early and taking a giant leap of faith despite having met devastating results from their previous venture.

Jonathan and Christopher had a goal. They stuck to it and invested all their money, time, effort and painstakingly pushed through all the challenges they faced. From their humble origins and lack of capital, the duo had to grind out through the early stages of Golden Duck – doing everything from cooking to delivering. Hwang has described this period as “break-backing work”.

The Golden Duck mala hotpot dhl express  the golden duck salted egg chips dhl express  the golden duck salted egg yolk

After making their public debut in November of 2015, Golden Duck had their first taste of success selling all their products within 6 hours. Their popularity hastily grew, eventually garnering sufficient funds to purchase a permanent store.

the golden duck store_dhl express the golden duck store

It became apparent that the next phase of their business would be to venture overseas and develop a wider range of flavours. Expanding into the region would allow them to access more markets and increase the sales of their product. 


the golden duck business

Striking while the iron was hot, Golden Duck set up physical stores in the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Chris Hwang highlighted the challenges faced during international expansion, having to ensure that their products were reaching their customers fast, in good condition, and never compromising on quality.

the golden duck delivery dhl express

Partnering up with DHL Express, an international courier service in Singapore has enabled Golden Duck to focus on their expansion while maintaining their “recipe for success”. Jonathan and Christopher are firm believers that consistently providing a quality product and service is crucial for a good business.

With the expertise of DHL Express, Golden Duck could bring their product to any country they wanted to and put logistics at the back of their minds.


the golden duck product

Today, Golden Duck sells more than 100,000 packets of snacks each month and has grown from a simple operation to a global business with the support of over 100 employees.

In the near future, Golden Duck plans to magnify their international success by expanding into more countries globally. The promising partnership between DHL Express Singapore and Golden Duck will certainly play a pivotal role in their venture.


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