Scent By SIX: Enjoy The Fragrance of Global Succcess

3 min read
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DHL Express Singapore ensures perfumes from Scent by Six can be delivered quickly and smoothly when they export through our courier service.

Upon leaving his job at a world-renowned flavors and fragrances company in 2015, Jason Lee went on to pursue his passion for perfumery and created a pair of perfume for guests at his wedding. The support and positive feedback from the guests spurred him to further develop his fragrances, and Scent by Six was born. The artisanal perfume label launched its first collection in July 2016, with 3 unisex fragrances inspired by its founder’s favorite travel spots.

After carving its own niche in the local market, the made-in-Singapore brand started looking to expand overseas. Perfumes are classified as Dangerous Goods, which meant that Lee needed an international shipping specialist in Singapore that is well-aware of the stringent customs regulations relating to such goods. Therefore, Lee partnered with DHL Express Singapore, in order to ensure a smooth shipping process internationally. This partnership provided Scent by Six additional reliability when entering new markets, and enabled the label to tap on DHL Express’ diverse customs knowledge and relations worldwide.

Scent by Six was able to offer its overseas customers express shipment as fast as within a day, coupled with express parcel tracking by DHL Express Singapore, thereby creating a seamless customer shopping experience fit for the artisanal brand. Together with DHL Express, Lee quickly saw the growth of Scent by Six in the international market, catering to hotels, spas, and consumers worldwide

“As an artisanal perfume label, I felt that Scent by Six needed a quality shipment partner too. Working with DHL Express gave my brand reliability, especially when it first entered the new markets.”