Adding same-day delivery to your business' delivery options
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In the age of instant gratification, customers now expect their orders to be delivered quickly and efficiently. And as a result of these rising consumer expectations, offering same-day delivery has become an increasingly attractive option for businesses looking to provide a better shopping experience. Same-day delivery is typically one of the most desirable express delivery methods to both customers and businesses, as it can result in increased customer loyalty, higher customer satisfaction levels, improved brand reputation, greater revenue opportunities, and a competitive edge over your competitors. In fact, the global same-day delivery market reached a value of US$4.84 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of US$14.46 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 20.01% during 2021-2027, as indicated by Business Wire. That being said, now is an excellent time for Malaysian businesses to consider adding same-day delivery options if they want sustainable success in today's market. Read on as we explore how same-day deliveries can significantly boost your business growth and how to go about providing this service for your customers. 

Types of businesses that should offer same-day delivery

In today’s competitive landscape, offering same-day delivery is an essential part of running a successful business. It gives customers the convenience and flexibility they demand and is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Here, we’ll take a closer look at which types of businesses should consider offering this service:

1. Retail stores

By offering same-day delivery services, retail stores in Malaysia can become competitive market players and remain relevant in an ever-changing retail landscape. Same-day deliveries enable customers to receive their purchases in mere hours rather than days or weeks, providing them with a faster and more reliable alternative to traditional domestic or international shipping methods. Customers appreciate this express delivery service because it is convenient, efficient and cost effective, cutting out the hassle of having to travel to the store or wait for days on end for their order to arrive. This service is especially attractive for customers who need a product immediately for special events or gift-giving and do not have time to wait. Not only do same-day delivery services help increase customer loyalty by demonstrating that the store values their satisfaction, but it also gives customers more control over when and how they receive their products, allowing them to better manage their schedules and delivery expectations. 

2. Supermarkets and restaurants

As consumer trends continue to evolve, same-day delivery services offer a unique value proposition to supermarkets and restaurants in Malaysia. With same-day deliveries, customers are able to stock up on groceries and order their favorite food and beverages from restaurants without ever having to leave their homes. This provides ultimate convenience for customers by saving them the time, energy, and money that would otherwise be spent on transportation costs and more. With this express delivery service, your business can also increase its same-day sales while also satisfying customers by giving them quick access to a variety of food and beverages. If your business is capable of providing same-day delivery services that ensure products are delivered on time and in excellent condition, you are more likely to create an overall positive experience for both shoppers and restaurateurs alike.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical businesses

In today’s digital age, same-day deliveries are becoming increasingly important due to the demands of consumers requiring short turnaround times for nearly any product or service – especially those related to health and well-being. That being said, same-day delivery services can prove invaluable to medical and pharmaceutical businesses in Malaysia as customers are able to receive medical supplies and medication quickly, often within hours of placing the order. This type of express delivery service eliminates the wait time associated with accustomed domestic or overseas shipping methods and provides immediate access to life-saving treatments that may have otherwise been delayed. Additionally, with the current COVID-19 pandemic and its emerging variants, many people are avoiding going out and prefer to have the medications delivered to their homes. As such, same-day delivery can be a great way to accommodate this preference and to ensure that the customers get their medication on time. In sum, same-day delivery is a must-have feature in today's competitive medical and pharmaceutical market for attracting and retaining customers who value fast delivery, especially in emergency situations.

Assessing demand for same-day delivery

As the Malaysian business landscape rapidly evolves, so too does the need to stay constantly aware of customer demand. Nowadays, customers are expecting quicker and more efficient delivery options with their orders – a desire which is driving an accelerated demand for same-day delivery services in Malaysia and beyond. Understanding this growing trend will open up new opportunities for businesses to succeed by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, before adding same-day delivery as an option for your business, it's important to assess the demand for it in your specific market. 

1. Type of products or services offered

The type of products or services you offer will play a significant role in assessing the demand for same-day delivery services. For example, businesses that sell perishable goods such as groceries or flowers can greatly benefit from same-day delivery, as it can help them to reduce food waste and ensure that customers receive fresh products.

2. Needs and preferences of your target customers

Understanding the needs and preferences of your target customers is crucial in determining the demand for same-day delivery services. For instance, if your target customers are older adults or people with disabilities, same-day deliveries could be a convenient option for them as it can save them the trouble of travelling to a physical store or waiting for long periods of time.

3. Location and demographics

Assessing the location involves analysing various factors related to the area in which a business operates. These factors may include population density, median income, proximity to major transportation hubs, and the presence of other businesses offering similar services. By understanding the demographics and characteristics of the area, your business can predict the level of demand for same-day delivery services more efficiently and make better data-driven decisions.

4. Industry trends

Not only does examining industry trends provide insight into the popularity and demand for same-day delivery services in your specific market, but it also enables your business to identify opportunities for growth in order to stay competitive. Furthermore, understanding industry trends can aid your business in better anticipating other customer needs as well as preferences, enabling you to adjust your logistics and resources accordingly. 

5. Competition

Analysing competition when establishing demand for same-day delivery services is important because it helps businesses understand the competitive landscape in which they operate. For example, if a business sees that their competitors are offering same-day delivery services, it may indicate that there is a high demand for this service in the market, and the business should consider offering the same service to stay ahead of the curve. Assessing competition can also help a business understand its unique selling proposition, the areas where they excel compared to competitors, and the areas where they need to improve. This can help the business to focus on its strengths and improve on its weaknesses to provide a better service to its customers.

6. Cost

The cost of same-day delivery services should also be considered when determining demand as it enables businesses to understand the financial feasibility of offering the service. Same-day delivery is often considered a premium service, which means it's more expensive than the traditional delivery service. As such, businesses need to take into account the costs associated with providing the service, including labour, transportation and logistics expenses. Through a thorough cost assessment, a business can determine if they are able to offer the service at a price that is competitive in the market.

7. Logistics

The logistics of same-day delivery, such as available delivery routes, can also play a role in assessing demand for the service. Same-day delivery requires a high level of coordination and organisation to ensure that orders are picked up, properly packaged, and delivered to customers within a tight timeframe. Therefore, businesses need to take into account the logistics of their operations, including the availability of delivery vehicles, the proximity of warehouses or distribution centres to customers, and the ability to track and trace packages in real time. By evaluating your logistics operations, you can determine if your business has the necessary infrastructure and resources in place to provide the service.

Boost your business with same-day delivery services

With today’s rapidly changing consumer demands, same-day delivery advancements can have a meaningful impact on your business performance and customer service levels alike. That being said, if you’re looking to offer same-day delivery solutions to get ahead of the competition, it is imperative that you find a logistics provider that can effectively meet your needs and exceed expectations. Through streamlined same-day delivery services, you will be able to make good on same-day promises without sacrificing efficiency or increasing costs – leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty among customers. Capitalise on this trend of same-day delivery to dissipate frustration when it comes to customer delivery expectations today.