Guide to shipping from Taiwan to Singapore

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Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to ship products from Taiwan to Singapore? Export between countries doesn't have to be a difficult process. With the right preparation, businesses can take advantage of seamless shipping methods from Taiwan to Singapore with minimal disruption. This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need, from understanding customs regulations to transportation options.

Common exports from Taiwan to Singapore

Taiwan and Singapore have maintained strong trade relations for decades, evidenced by the volume of imported goods into Singapore. According to Statista, the value of goods imported to Singapore from Taiwan totalled S$68.6 billion in 2021. Common imports have become an integral part of the relationship between these two countries. A variety of goods travels across both borders: much of this is in the form of high-tech products such as integrated circuits and chipsets used for a variety of consumer electronics, with many Taiwanese companies shipping them to their Singaporean counterparts for use in the production process, reports The Business Times.

Beyond technology and industrial products, daily groceries such as fruits, vegetables, and bulk items like rice are frequently imported into Singapore, as found by Trading Economics.


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Things to take note of when shipping from Taiwan

1. Prohibited & controlled items into Singapore

When shipping to Singapore from Taiwan, businesses should avoid prohibited items and observe the regulations for controlled items. Controlled items require proper authorisation like an advance notification, licence or certificate approval before being imported into Singapore. You can use the HS/CA Product Code Search Engine to check if the items you intend to ship are controlled using the item description, Harmonized System (HS) code or CA product code.

Prohibited items include:

  • Chewing gum (with exceptions being made for dental and medicated chewing gums)

  • Endangered animals or goods derived from the body of these animals (example: Rhino horn).

  • Firecrackers

  • Pistol or Revolver-styled cigarette lighters

  • Scanning Receivers

  • Military Communication Equipment

  • Telephone Voice Changing Equipment

  • Radio-Communication Jamming devices

  • Pornography

  • Seditious and Treasonable materials

  • Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products

2. Export procedure out of Taiwan

Exporting from Taiwan to Singapore is a relatively simple affair, with both countries possessing comprehensive trading infrastructures. The three main steps in this process involve preparing the shipment, arranging shipment through a logistics company like DHL Express and going through official clearances and inspections. 

Preparations include packing and labelling the goods as per industry standard laws, ensuring all proper credentials such as invoices or export certificates are present. The logistics company will then be able to arrange transit with detailed information regarding the commercial value of shipments. Once dispatched, you can track the progress of your cargo right up to its arrival in Singapore. Finally, official documentation clearance must be finalised before goods can be received into the country. 

3. Important documents to prepare before shipping

When preparing to ship items to Singapore from Taiwan, it is important to ensure all necessary documents are obtained. Shipments to or from Taiwan require a packing list, commercial invoice, and bill of lading or air waybill. Commercial invoices should list all contents, description, values and quantity of all items included in the shipment. 

An export license must be obtained if an item requires one. Shippers should also provide a Certificate of Origin or other country of origin documentation required by government agencies and specified on commercial invoices. All documentation must be accurate and up-to-date to expedite shipping and avoid additional fees. To avoid delays and facilitate customs clearance processing, it is best to prepare the documents being presented in Chinese. 

Use reliable sources for important shipping information and consult professionals when in doubt. In addition, businesses can familiarise themselves with their obligations to comply with local customs regulations for both the exporting country and the importing country before deciding to ship products between them.

Import regulations in Singapore

1. Taxes and duties 

Items shipped into Singapore may be subject to taxes or duties. The categories of dutiable goods include:

  • Intoxicating liquors

  • Tobacco products

  • Motor vehicles

  • Petroleum products and biodiesel blends

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable to all imports such as consumer products and electronics. 

2. Import licence

A customs permit is required when shipping from Taiwan to Singapore. Shippers can register with an issuing agency to get a Unique Entity Number (UEN) and use it to access their Customs Account. For assistance with applying for an import licence, shippers can appoint a Declaring Agent like DHL Express. They can also refer to DHL Express’ guide on importing goods into Singapore for comprehensive information.

How long does it take to ship from Taiwan to Singapore

Choose a trusted logistics partner when you’re shipping goods from Taiwan to Singapore. DHL Express provides reputable courier services for your international shipping needs. Estimated transit time varies, but with DHL Express, you can rely on our speedy deliveries. Our Time-Definite (TDI) solutions ensure your shipments from Taiwan reach Singapore at a time convenient for you and your recipients:

DHL Express Urgent, Time-Sensitive Shipments (Delivered on Next Possible Business Day)
Express 9:00 Deliver before 9am
Express 10:30 Deliver before 10.30am
Express 12:00 Deliver before 12pm
Express Worldwide Deliver before end of the day
DHL Express Same Day (Delivered within the quickest possible duration)
Sprintline Delivered with a 24-hour target
Same Day Delivered with a 24-hour target

The shipping cost from Taiwan to Singapore may vary depending on the logistics selections, type of goods and additional fees if applicable. 

Worry-free shipping from Taiwan to Singapore with DHL Express

Smooth and expedited shipping from Taiwan to Singapore is now easier than ever with DHL Express. With remarkable international services and affordable rates, customers get speedy parcel delivery, flexible shipping options and guaranteed safety for their goods. 

Whether you're sending a small package or large cargo shipment, DHL Express connects many parts of Taiwan like Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taichung to Singapore quickly and efficiently. Effortlessly manage your shipments with updated tracking information available at any time. By partnering with the world's leading express delivery provider, you can have complete confidence that your items are in good hands every step of the way. Open a DHL Express business account today and see how we can get your products moving.