Here’s How to Ship to Myanmar from Singapore

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Myanmar has a trading relationship with Singapore. [1]In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, bilateral trade between Myanmar and Singapore was $3.8 billion. [2]And since both countries are situated closer to each other, trading between them is easy. Plus, it just takes less than a week for delivery between the two countries.

So, if you're shipping products from Singapore to Myanmar, here's what you need to know about the country's customs procedures.

Myanmar’s customs procedures

Animal skins, animal products, tobacco and tobacco products

  • If any of these goods are unprocessed, they are prohibited for entry into Myanmar.


  • Toy guns and remote-control toys are prohibited for import into Myanmar.

Diplomatic material 

  • Diplomatic cargo worth more than USD 500 that travels under console WPX (non-document) will be subject to a formal clearance process.

Parts, machine & electronics

  • All electronic, vehicle, machinery, and engine parts are subject to customs duty of 1% and commercial tax of 20%. For vehicle parts, customs duty charge is 5%.

Foodstuffs (including grain)

  • Customs duty of 15% and commercial tax of 10% is applicable.

Telecommunication equipment 

  • The shipper must ensure that all contents are itemised and completely disclosed on the invoice, packing list, as well as on the AWB.

  • Import license and relevant telecom approval documents will be required.

Alcoholic beverages

  • If they are samples, they must weigh no more than 5kg (11lbs) and have a value of less than USD50.

Computer storage devices and media storage devices

  • All VCD, DVD, LDs shall incur customs duty and tax on customs assessment value.

  • For formal and informal shipments, customs duty of 3% and commercial tax of 5% will be charged.

Drugs: prescription, drugs in pharmacy without prescription

  • Import license and relevant telecom approval documents will be required.

Computer components and parts

  • The shipment must not contain communication features, otherwise it will be considered as telecommunications equipment.

Films: 8mm, 16mm & 35mm, films: promotional, training (dvd, vhs) & films: entertainment (dvd, vhs)

  • These goods are subject to censorship and customs duty and tax.

  • Valid import license and approval from the Myanmar board of films is required.

Ship, parts of (gib, bearing) 

  • Ship spares for ships in transit is considered to be normal WPX. The name of the ship and port of entry must be mentioned in the description field.

Personal effects

  • Unless exemption papers are provided, all shipments are subject to customs duty and tax. Shipments with a value of up to USD500 are permitted.

Fabrics (including samples, swatches) 

  • Customs duty of 15% and commercial tax of 20% will be applicable.

Textile articles

  • Customs duty of 3% - 20% and commercial tax of 20% - 25% will be applicable.


  • Customs duty of 20% and commercial tax of 25% will be levied.

Clocks, watches

  • A 10% customs duty and a 5% business tax will be levied.

X-ray machines

  • Contact the destination prior to sending the shipment for any licenses or permits requirements.

List of restricted and prohibited commodities

  • Firearms, parts of

  • Ivory

  • Antiques and work of art

  • Gambling device (including playing card)

  • Jewellery

  • Military equipment

  • Money orders (NI)

  • Pornography

  • Precious metals and stones

  • Perishables (fruit/flower/vegetable)

How to send a package from Singapore to Myanmar

When importing any product to Myanmar, the DHL air waybill (AWB) is a must-have document. Supporting that, a commercial invoice is needed with accurate details on it.  For instance, terms of trade like CIF, FOB, C&F, etc., must be specified on the invoice for customs' valuation.

For size requirements:

  • Maximum dimension for length is 270.0CM (106.0 IN)

  • Maximum dimension for height is 150.0 CM (59.0 IN)

  • Maximum dimension for width is 180.0 CM (71.0 IN)

For weight requirements:

  • Maximum weight per shipment is 3000.0 KG (6614.0 LB)

  • Maximum weight per piece is 300.0 KG (661.0 LB)

Start packing your parcel after you've successfully created your shipping invoice. Then, decide how you want your shipment to be picked up. The procedure is pretty straightforward.

  1. Call DHL customer support and let them know the exact pickup time and date.

  2. You can also schedule a pickup with MyDHL + shipping tool.

  3. Leave it at a DHL Express retail outlet near you.

Advantages of using DHL Express Singapore

DHL Express Singapore is a trusted international courier service provider. 

  • DHL Express offers door-to-door shipping services which makes international shipping easy.

  • With the help of real-time updates, customers can learn about their shipment’s clearance statuses.

  • DHL’s shipping tools namely MyDHL+, MyBill and ODD (On-Demand Delivery) makes the shipping process easy and smooth.

  • The services and network of DHL spreads across 220 countries and territories.

  • DHL’s flexible delivery options enable customers to decide the time and place of parcel’s delivery.

  • Customers can decide the package collection time as per their choice.

If you wish to know more details about other items, talk to our customer service representatives today.

[1] https://www.gnlm.com.mm/singapore-ranked-myanmars-second-largest-importer-in-fy2020-2021/

[2] https://www.mmtimes.com/news/myanmar-trade-centre-open-singapore.html