How to Ship Oxygen Concentrators from Singapore to Myanmar

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Myanmar has been dealing with a huge spike in cases and deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic since mid of May, in addition to being under a military coup since February 2021. A massive shortage of medical oxygen was also reported in many regions and townships that were most affected by COVID-19. 

In view of this critical scenario, Myanmar’s leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing ordered oxygen plants to operate at maximum capacity, including converting industrial oxygen to meet the demands of the patients. Additionally, the government is also dropping all the licensing and duty requirements for importing oxygen into the state.

DHL Express, Singapore’s leading international courier service company, has been supporting to help Myanmar in combating its oxygen shortage by facilitating seamless international transportation and help to mitigate the uncertainty of customs clearance.

So, if you are looking to ship oxygen concentrators to the hospitals in Myanmar, here’s everything you should know about the customs requirements and which documents are required for importing oxygen concentrators into Myanmar.

Import requirements for commercial/business account holders

  1. Company registration copy
  2. Import and export certificate copy
  3. Non-license application letter with the company’s letterhead sale contract or purchase order TIN code number (importer and exporter’s code)
  4. Country of Origin certificate.

Note: There will be a commercial tax of 5%, customs duties of 3%, and an income tax of 2%.

Import requirements for an individual shipper or personal use (only 1 unit is allowed)

  1. Doctor’s recommendation letter or prescription
  2. Undertaking letter to release the shipment as personal belonging
  3. Patient’s census copy
  4. Patient’s registration copy
  5. Passport’s first-page copy (if the consignee is a foreigner)
  6. Passport’s Visa page copy ( if the consignee is a foreigner)

Note: Customs duties of 3% and income tax of 2% will be charged. 

If the shipment with a battery falls under the AAS approval section II of Myanmar, it will require MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or PIS (Product information sheet or brochure), including its Watt-hour (Wh) rating and classification information.

Note: Cash or walk-in customers usually fall under Section II and can only ship below 100wh per battery.

Customs requirement for Worldwide Parcel Express (WPX) shipments

Only those WPX shipments will be exempted for import license requirements that are:

  1. Declared and customs assessed value of under USD 500
  2. Declared and accepted by Customs to be of “samples”.

All other shipments will require an import license. Additionally, Customs will require the Air WayBill (AWB) and invoice to be attached along with the inbound shipment, otherwise, a delay of 12 hours can be expected. The invoice and packing list must be written in English and values clearly stated in USD.

Note: All restricted commodities regardless of value must be clear via formal entry.

How is DHL Express helping in shipping Oxygen Concentrators to Myanmar?

A large supply of oxygen concentrators in the hospitals of many regions and townships in Myanmar will aid patients to cope up with the temporary shortage of oxygen. The hassle-free transport of these oxygen tanks will be taken care of by DHL Express. Our in-house team of international experts is knowledgeable of local customs authorities that keep us abreast with all the necessary information needed to safely facilitate the journey of the shipments without any delays.

Our diverse team of logistics experts is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by delivering goods in a timely and safe manner. If you need any further clarifications or information on shipping oxygen concentrators, you can reach out to our certified international specialists today!