How to Ship to Oman from Singapore

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The signing and execution of the historic GCC-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (GSFTA) in September 2013 is expected to boost the trade and open new economic prospects between Oman and Singapore. The GSFTA provides an outline for the amalgamation of the Gulf economy with that of the Asian financial centre by promoting and enabling a better flow of services, goods and investment between the two regions.

Further, with bilateral commerce hitting a record high of S$42.4 billion in 2007, an increase of 127% since 2002, the GCC is Singapore's seventh largest trading partner.[1]

So, if you are on your way to ship goods from Singapore to Oman, there are certain rules you need to abide by.

Oman’s customs regulations

Mobile phones, accessories and component, radar equipment like transmitters/receivers, communications equipment, radios, radio equipment or parts and telecommunication equipment

  •  Approval by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is required to ship these commodities. TRA clearance is not required for personal usage (4 pieces maximum) of mobile phones.

Computer components & parts, electronic equipment, computer software, electronic games, parts, machine & electronics

  • HS code must be specified on the invoice and House Waybill (HWB) to have a duty-free clearance, otherwise a 5% duty will be imposed. 

  • An Oman MoH stamp is required on commercial invoices for all medical equipment.

Coffee (including samples) and seeds

  • A health certificate must be obtained from the Municipality's Food Section, with the expiration date not exceeding one year. These are not applicable for samples and personal use.

Drugs (in pharmacy w/o prescription), drugs: prescription, medical samples

  • All medical equipment requires the Ministry of Health’s permission, and an Oman MoH stamp on the commercial invoice.

Foodstuffs (including grain)

  • All medical equipment requires the Ministry of Health’s permission, and an Oman MoH stamp on the commercial invoice.

  •  A health certificate and an MoH laboratory test report must be obtained from the Municipality Food Section. These are not applicable for samples and personal use.

X-ray machines

  • Contact the destination prior to sending the shipment for any licenses or permits requirements.

Important notes:

  • For all non-doc shipments to Oman, the HS codes for each item in the shipment must be included on the commercial invoice.

  • Prohibited items will be seized by customs and cannot be Return to Origin (RTO).

  • All other shipments that are not cleared will be subject to RTO.

Shipping guide from Singapore to Oman

When you are shipping from Singapore to Oman, you need to provide the right paperwork to DHL Express for quick and hassle-free customs clearance. Therefore, double-check all the information on your airway bill (AWB) and invoice. In addition, there are certain specifications related to size and weight of the shipment.

For size:

  • Maximum dimension for length is 300.0CM (118.0 IN)

  • Maximum dimension for height is 160.0 CM (63.0 IN)

  • Maximum dimension for width is 120.0 CM (47.0 IN)

  • All pallets are accepted.

For weight:

  • Maximum weight per shipment is 3000.0 KG (6614.0 LB)

  • Maximum weight per piece is 1000.0 KG (2205.0 LB)

  • All shipments weighing above the mentioned limit should be approved in HWO prior to shipping.

Once you have completed the paperwork, start packing your shipment. Thereafter, arrange for your shipment’s pickup. You can do so by contacting DHL Express customer service and advising them of the pickup date and time, or by arranging a pickup date through MyDHL+ or self-lodging it at any DHL retail location.

Advantages of using DHL Express

  • DHL’s tools such as MyDHL+, MyBill, and ODD (On-Demand Delivery) services make the shipping journey easy and hassle-free.

  • DHL provides flexible delivery options that enable customers to decide the shipment’s pick-up time and place.

  • DHL also offers door-to-door shipping services to any country around the world.

  • DHL allows customers to track their shipment’s whereabouts through real-time updates.

  • DHL’s logistics network spans across 220 territories.

  • The customer has complete control over when the shipment is to be picked up.

So, there you have it! A short and useful list of products that you can now easily send from Singapore to Oman. You can also contact our customer care staff directly for additional information on other goods and services.

For a fuss free shipping, apply for a business account with us today!