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The story of the collaboration between Edelvives and DHL eCommerce

More than 130 years have passed since the birth of the Edelvives Editorial Group. That editorial founded in Catalonia in the late 19th century by the Marist brothers has gradually grown to cross borders.

Today, this forward-looking group offers rigorous educational material based on values, innovation and new technologies, while accompanying the cultural growth of children and adults with an excellent literary bet. 

A benchmark in the publishing industry

Through its different editorial stamps, the  purpose of Edelvives is to disseminate culture by creating, printing, distributing and selling cultural proposals in traditional formats and new technologies. Edelvives’ goal is to become indispensable in the sector, being a necessary, irreplaceable company that smiles, spreads happiness, invents dreams and shocks the soul.

Logistics, the Edelvives growth engine

In the last 20 years at Edelvives, they went from having 13 regional warehouses to centralizing all logistics from Zaragoza. They transformed the supply chain model and led the change in distribution model by reaching a direct customer in about 60% of their operations in 2023. 

In the history of Edelvives, logistics has always been an engine of change and growth, and so they have always wanted to be accompanied by innovative companies that are eager to do things differently. Omnichannelity and how you view these different channels with the customer at the center are critical to the logistics of an editorial business. That’s where DHL fits in and It is more than 15 years now that DHL has successfully collaborated with Edelvives. 

Back to School Challenge

Edelvives campaigns are very seasonal, and the most powerful is "back to school" which focuses on the months of July, August and September.  These are the most challenging times of the year, as they must be able to reach all of their customers in a short amount of time. And the biggest difficulty is that, for many of them, there is only one opportunity to do it right. A single purchase, a single shipment, and that’s where DHL makes a face for Edelvives and where it needs to be great. Since that only opportunity is where we need to generate excitement and do things right the first time, so that the next year they repeat.

We need working as a team, sharing information, being aligned and above all we need to be aware of the importance of this last mile, the importance of on-time delivery, with a smile, of exceeding expectations.

People, DHL eCommerce’s best asset

If something stands out from DHL eCommerce’s Edelvives, above all, it’s the value of the people who make up the company. It’s the people who truly make a difference.

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