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How to send a parcel to Italy?

Make your shipment in three steps: 

There are many ties that join Spain with Italy and that part of the Mediterranean Sea, we have a similar culture and character. This is why at some point you may need to ship to the country of the “boot”: 

  • It wouldn’t be rare as Italy is the main destination of Spanish Erasmus – about 8,000 a year. Lifestyle, fine dining and historic monuments make Rome and Milan one of the favourite destinations of Spanish Erasmus. Wherever you go, DHL Parcel makes it easy, because you can always choose how and when to receive your shipments with our recipient service.

  • And on average we receive around 10,000 Italian erasmus per year. Are you an Italian in Spain, but you miss your loved ones and want to send them something? If you can't see them in person, DHL Parcel will bring you closer to them in about 3 days (it depends on the origin of the shipment).

  • In that case, you may miss some of Spain, don’t worry, because in about 3 days (depending on the origin of the shipment) your family and friends can get what you need to make you feel almost at home.


Access our online tool and create your shipment. It’s very intuitive.

Enter your shipment details, download the label and print it. Labels are valid for 3 months since they are created, so you have that time to go to one of our ServicePoints and complete the shipping process. 


Pack your shipment and affix the label to the box

Use a hard cardboard box of sufficient size for the merchandise you want to send.If the merchandise is fragile, it is important that drivers be aware of this information. Close the box with packing tape covering all corners correctly.


Take your shipment to one of our ServicePoints

We put over 3,700 ServicePoints scattered across the Peninsula, so you're sure to have a little close to home. Look for here what is the most challenging collection point for you. 

How much does it cost to ship to Italy?

Get -20% with code DHLITALIA and send to Italy with discount

If you need to know how much it costs to ship a package to Portugal, DHL Parcel makes it easy to access here and select Italy destination. This allows you to see the different prices depending on the size of your shipment.

 Use the discount code DHLITALIA and ship from €17.85 + VAT!

How do I make a particular shipment to Europe?

We send your packages to anyone you want and where you want. With DHL Parcel, shipping a package to Europe is easy. 

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