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DHL ECOMMERCE electronic delivery allows you to provide a document with capturing the delivery details of the delivery details and the signature of the person who received the shipment.
You will not need to contact Customer Service. And you will be able to view, download, print or email your delivery as it is one hour after it has been completed.

Enter the Customer Area and start benefiting from electronic delivery

  • Select Shipment Tracking and “Delivery As Delivered”. You can also get up to 25 One-time Delivery. So you can get Your shipment electronics need to have an account with DHL.

  • There are times when for operational reasons we cannot capture the digitized signature and therefore it is not in the document even though it includes the name of the signed person, as well as the date and time of delivery. When the e-signature is available, the message “Get Signature” is always displayed.

  • When you request multiple delivery forms, you can automatically receive them in a “box” format. Simply select that option. This format allows you to view the details of multiple shipments on a single sheet. Try it!

  • To ensure that the information provided is used for that purpose only: i.e. to confirm that DHL has delivered your shipment.