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Value Added Services

  • €50/Report

  • With our emissions compensation solution you can offset the environmental impact caused by your shipments. The final amount of the shipment compensation depends on your weight. To calculate the total compensation amount, the values in the table are multiplied by the number of actual kilos in the shipment.


    COST PER KG Spain

    DHL Parcel Europlus Domestic


    DHL Parcel Connect Plus



    COST PER KG Spain

    DHL Parcel Iberia


    DHL Parcel Iberia Return


    DHL Parcel Connect


    DHL Parcel Connect Return



    • The minimum amount receivable per cleared shipment is 1 cent.
    • Applicable to all customer shipments.
    • This product takes into account CO2 emissions originating in Iberian territory
    • Prices applicable to 2024

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