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Regulatory requirements, cost and efficiency concerns in your supply chain, rapid response to global emergencies; healthcare world constantly demands more experience and greater capabilities. We can help you overcome these challenges.

In DHL eCommerce we have developed a pharmaceutical-specific shipping solution:

  • Room Temperature Service
  • Temperature controlled service between 5 and 25 degrees:
At DHL eCommerce we have developed a pharmaceutical-specific shipping solution. A transportation and distribution service to Temperature Controlled which includes a cooling system, in our vehicles and cameras temperature controlled, on-site, ensuring product stays at a temperature to a temperature  between  5 and 25°C throughout the transport process.


Pharmaceutical, Health and Biomedical Shipping Service Characteristics

  • Own transport network, from start to finish
  • Total traceability of your pharmaceutical enviees
  • Morning Delivery
  • Qualified Isothermal Packaging
  • Temperature log per piece

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