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Web Integrations for e-commerce

DHL eCommerce you know that automating your online store processes benefits you and your customer. And you want to make it easy! That’s why you’ve developed an efficient system so you can connect DHL with your online store.

    • They are ideal for those who want to use their own applications for DHL services, such as printing labels or tracking shipments.
    • Especially indicated if you have experience in web services and XML messages.
    • Ideal for improving e-commerce functionality.
    • Facilitates the capabilities of internal shipping applications, shopping carts and e-commerce platforms.
    • Uses standard XML from a secure platform to integrate with DHL.
    • You will have control over the timing of implementation.
    • Automate your shipment management with access to all DHL services.
    • Connecting to your internal shipment application.
    • Adapting to your online store logistics process.
    • Service Level Queries: You can choose the Service that best suits your needs based on your shipping criteria. You will also be able to know the request timeout, pick-up time and transit times.
    • DHL label generation.
    • Pickup Request: Request a pickup or cancel one already done.
    • Shipment Tracking: Drive your system to the events that your shipments pass through.
    • Returns: Allows your customers to return shipments while still controlling the entire process.

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