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Please enter at least one tracking code.

  • See your nearest ServicePoint and schedule hereYou have a network of over 3,500 collection points across the Peninsula. Once the shipment is in delivery you can only choose a neighbor or concierge. Please check the status of your shipment via email or access your shipment number at and Modify Delivery!   

  • Once your shipment is delivered to a ServicePoint, you have 10 calendar days to collect. If the sender has provided us with your email address we will notify you when the shipment is in the ServicePoint and you will also receive a reminder after 7 days at the service point. If we do not have your email, you will receive an SMS. 

  • Our Network of ServicePoints is dynamic and updated periodically. Your favorite pick-up point may be temporarily closed or vacation. Don't worry, there's more than 3,500 ServicePoints across the Peninsula to find the nearest. Find your ServicePoint here.


  • Please see the status of your shipment, we will tell you if you are in a ServicePoint and where you are located. As long as we have your email, we will send you an email with your ServicePoint data. Please see your mailbox, our driver may have left a pass note like this  

  • If you can't pick up your shipment, you can authorize someone else to do it in your place. You will need to bring a copy of your ID, ID, and this authorization signed.

  • In order to collect your shipment in a ServicePoint from DHL eCommerce you will need your ID or ID document. If you are unable to pick up your shipment personally, you can authorize someone else to collect your shipment. The authorized person will need to bring a copy of your ID, ID, and this authorization signed 

  • If the shipment is in delivery you can only choose delivery to a neighbor or concierge. Please note that only a modification can be made, if the delivery has already been modified you will not be able to return to it. If your shipment payment is refunded or greater than 120x60x60cm, you cannot be delivered to a ServicePoint.

  • If the shipment is at a specific collection point, it cannot be moved to another location. Please note that ServicePoints have ample hours and you have 10 days to pick up your shipment.

  • After the 10 calendar days are not allowed to be picked up the shipment is not possible because an automatic process is initiated and the order is returned to the sender.

  • You may hold up to 7 business days for delivery of your shipment, choose a neighbor or concierge and change the delivery address (within the same province) here.

    Additionally, we also offer you the ability to collect your shipment directly at the delegation of DHL eCommerce, you must contact our customer service team here.