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Now, making private shipping is even easier.

A new modality is available for your particular shipments: in-store shipments. Now you can get ready with your shipment packed to one of the stores in our local retail network and they will create the shipment for you. With this new modality, you no longer need to buy online, or print labels.

It’s easy and comfortable!

Benefits of our In-Store Shipping Service

  • Face to face and near care
  • No printer required
  • No need to pay online
  • Cash or card payment in store

Which store in your neighborhood can you make a shipment in?


Local commerce lifts the streets in your neighborhood. In DHL eCommerce is aware of the importance of the critical role of local trade in our neighborhoods, towns and cities. So, We work with more than 3,900 neighborhood and stores that form the Peninsula’s largest network of convenience points.

Benefits for you, for local and environmental commerce

Our collaboration with local retailers allows us to provide you with a drop-off and pick-up point within 10 minutes of your home and face-to-face care and trust. On the other hand, stores in your neighborhood earn attractive commissions for every shipment made and/or received in commerce and high visibility for your business.Also, convenience points are environmentally and responsible, keys in achieving one of our company’s missions, reducing the cartel footprint.

Do you have a local trade? Join our network!

Want to create your online shipment?

Making your shipment to Peninsula and/or Europe is very comfortable with our online shipping modality. Create your shipment online, print the label and apply it to the package correctly packaged. Make sure to include code 20CONPARCEL before ending your shipment to get a 20% discount. Finally, come by one of our ServicePoints, we have more than 3,900 on the Peninsula, so there’s sure to be one close to home!

We bring your package to Europe

We've got you covered to all major European destinations.

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