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Option 1: Send Online

  • In just 3 steps your label will be printed. You will only need:

    • Enter your shipment details: destination, origin, measures and weight
    • Make payment by card or Paypal. Don’t forget to enter the code 20CONPARCEL before you end the checkout process and get 20% off for your particular shipments. 
    • Download the label and print it on any printer
  • Use proper packaging is required to ensure your shipment is free of damage.

    • Choose a hard cardboard box from the size of the merchandise you want to send. If necessary, use bubble paper to prevent the product from moving inside the box.
    • Indicates if the merchandise is fragile, it is important that drivers be informed.
    • Close the box with packing tape covering all corners.
  • Place your label in a visible place and make sure it is fine. The best place to place it is in the middle of the box, avoiding corners and without covering the barcodes.

  • You'll always have a close one, just leave your shipment at one of our pick-up locations and we'll make sure you arrive at your destination as soon as possible. You have up to 3 months to take your package to a DHL eCommerce collection point.

Benefits of our online shipping service

  • Create your label online in less than 2 minutes
  • Payment by card or Paypal
  • No waiting! You can drop off your shipment at any of the 2,900 DHL eCommerce drop-off locations.
  • Shipments to Spain and Europe from €8.69 with our discount code 20CONPARCEL: Take advantage of the offer, because you have up to 3 months to ship since you purchase the label!

Option 2: Send to local trade

Even easier! Get in with your package packed to one of the stores in our local retail network and they’ll be able to make the shipment for you. See the following list which stores in your municipality are already offering this service. 

Which store in your neighborhood can you make a shipment in?

Benefits of our In-Store Shipping Service

  • Face to face and near care
  • No printer required
  • Cash or card payment in store


At DHL eCommerce, we’re here for you, if you’re the ones who prefer face-to-face and close-to-face care, you can now ship through our network of local retailers. If you are 100% digital instead, opt for the online modality. You choose!

Send Online

Making your shipment to Peninsula and/or Europe is very comfortable with our online shipping modality. Create your shipment online, print the label and apply it to the package correctly packaged. Finally, take a closer look at one of our ServicePoints, we’ve got more than 3700 on the Peninsula, so make sure there’s a little close to your home!

Send in a store

With our new in-store shipping service, shipping packages to Spain and Europe is even easier. You don't need to create your shipment online, or print your label. Just go to one of the retailers in our network that offers this service, and they will do it for you. 

We bring your package to Europe

We've got you covered to all major European destinations.

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