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There are many ties that link Spain to Romania, from shared history to cultural and economic connections. If you need to ship a package to the Carpal Mountains country, DHL eCommerce offers you an easy and reliable service to do so. Here are some situations where you might need to ship a package to Romania

  • Romania is a popular destination for Spanish students, so it is likely that you or a family member or friend will spend a season in this country. Whether you’re heading to the capital of Bucharest or the university town of Cluj-Napoca, DHL eCommerce lets you choose how and when to receive your shipments so you can focus on enjoying your academic experience.

  • DHL eCommerce can approach your loved ones in a few days, depending on the origin of the shipment. Whether you’re shipping gifts, important documents or anything else, we can help you ship your package with ease and confidence

  • No worries, DHL eCommerce can help you ship your package back quickly and easily. With an abundance of online purchases made on Romanian websites, we know how important it is to have reliable and affordable shipping service.

In short, if you need to ship a package from Spain to Romania, DHL eCommerce offers you an efficient and affordable solution to do so. Trust us to get your shipments to their destination!

How to ship a package to Romania quickly and easily?


Access our shipping platform and in just 3 steps create your label

Enter your shipment details: destination, origin, measurements and weight. Make payment by card or Paypal. Download the label and print it on any printer.


Securely pack your shipment and affix the label to the box

Choose a hard cardboard box from the size of the merchandise you want to send. If necessary, use bubble paper to prevent the product from moving inside the box. Indicates if the merchandise is fragile, it is important that drivers be informed. Close the box with packing tape covering all corners.


Take your shipment to one of our 2,700 collection points

Search here which pick-up point is most convenient for you, you're sure to have a or very close to home. 


Track your shipment

Track your shipment in real time from

What is the price of shipping a package to Romania?

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If you need to know how much it costs to ship a package to Romania, DHL eCommerce makes it easy.  you just need to access our website and select destination Romania. This allows you to see the different prices depending on the size of your shipment.

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