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What are integrated DHL solutions?

They are integrated services that you can incorporate into your own web. Tools and applications that ultimately are solutions that will improve control of your shipments.

You can view transit times, order online collections, and even track shipments in 220 countries worldwide.

    • Ideal for customers who want to use their own applications for DHL services such as printing labels or tracking shipments.
    • An excellent alternative when other DHL tools do not fit your needs.
    • Specially suited to clients with web services experience and XML messaging
    • Ideal for improving the functionality of web pages or Shopping Websites
    • Use on-site shipping solutions and warehouse management and access all other DHL shipping services
    • No need to maintain DHL business rules locally
    • Facilitates internal shipment application capabilities , shopping carts and e-commerce Webs
    • There is no need to install DHL software or hardware at the customer’s premises
    • Uses standard XML from a secure platform to integrate with DHL
    • You have control of implementation times
    • Capacity – You can choose the Service that best suits your needs based on the criteria for your shipment and knowing the time limit of request, time to pick up time and transit times
    • Prices – Receive the specific cost applicable to your rate along with the breakdown of charges for the requested service combinations
    • Shipment Processing – Shipment data is validated when you process it
    • Label Generation – Generates DHL Shipping Label
    • Pickup Request – Request a pickup or cancel one already done
    • Tracking – You can have complete visibility of shipment events including estimated delivery time
    • Returns – Allows your customer to return international shipments while controlling the entire process
    • Paperless Transactions – send the documentation for customs clearance from your shipment online. (Not all countries have this modality)
    • Shipment Preparation – Create a label in advance that you can use for future shipments

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