• In just 3 steps your label will be printed. You will only need:

    • Enter your shipment details: destination, origin, measures and weight
    • Make the payment by card or Paypal
    • Download the label and print it on any printer.
  • Use proper packaging is required to ensure your shipment is free of damage.

    • Choose a hard cardboard box from the size of the merchandise you want to send. If necessary, use bubble paper to prevent the product from moving inside the box.
    • Indicates if the merchandise is fragile, it is important that drivers be informed.
    • Close the box with packing tape covering all corners.
  • Place your label in a visible place and make sure it is fine. The best place to place it is in the middle of the box, avoiding corners and without covering the barcodes.

  • You'll always have a close one, just leave your shipment at one of our pick-up locations and we'll make sure you arrive at your destination as soon as possible. Leave your shipment at a DHL Locker, discover how to do it here.

See here if your nearest ServicePoint is open


  • 24-48 hour delivery on Peninsula and 3 to 6 days in rest of Europe
  • No waiting! You have more than 3,700 points to deposit your shipment.
  • Shipments to Spain and Europe from €8.39 with our voucher code 30CONPARCEL: Take advantage of the offer, because you have up to 3 months to ship since you purchase the label!
  • Simplified online tracking so you don't lose your view.
  • The recipient may modify delivery of their shipment from any country in the network.