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Business to Business Shipments

Shipping solutions for your company

At DHL Parcel we are a B2B logistics leader. We offer integrated solutions in your business process, making shipping packages and pallets quick and easy.

e-Commerce Shipments

Shipping solutions for your online store

At DHL Parcel, we work with you to make your customers’ shopping experience seamless from start to finish. And it’s that delivery of your products is key to your online shoppers’ satisfaction and loyalty. 

Private Shipments

Need to make a particular shipment?

Now that summer is coming, do you need to send your bags and luggage?, have you bought a souvenir or gift and want to send it to a family member or friend? Whatever your need for shipping, DHL Parcel can help you make your personal shipments to Spain, Portugal and Europe. 

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Looking for a shipping company to make business package shipments? Do you have an e-commerce and search for a logistics partner to ship your products to the Peninsula and/or Europe? Please complete the form below and we will contact you to further learn about our services. 

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E-commerce shipments to Europe

Send your products to Europe and access a market of over 300 million customers, with our DHL Parcel Connect service, a road transportation service that allows you to offer the same delivery experience to your customers in any of the countries in our European network.


Germany e-commerce market

Discover learn more about the German ecommerce market as well as  tips for selling online in Germany: which products are bought by German online in foreign online stores, in which European countries they buy the Germans, through which devices they buy online, purchasing factors, preferred payment methods, etc. 

How do I make a particular shipment?

Making a shipment with DHL Parcel is easy.

We explain how to ship a package to the Peninsula and/or Europe. You can choose between two modalities: send online or send to a local trade. 

Shipment Tracking

Waiting for a shipment and want to know where you are?

Enter your tracking number and locate your shipment. In addition, we explain how to collect your shipment in a DHL Parcel ServicePoint. 

Modify Delivery

Have you received a notice and are not going to be at home?

Track your shipment online. modify the address and/or delivery date of your order, redirect to a pick-up point or pick the delivery to neighbor or concierge. 

Your private DHL shipments

At DHL Parcel we offer you two options for making your private shipments: you can send online or, if you prefer, you can send yourself personally through one of the local retailers they collaborate with us  and are part of our ServicePoints network. 

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