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Are you an editorial industry interested in distributing large volumes?

At DHL eCommerce we offer you a flexible B2B shipping service adaptable to your shipping needs and editorial paces, maintaining our level of service even on so-called peak dates, periods in which a very high volume of shipments occurs, such as the start of the school course. Our operations team specializes in editorial shipments and large-surface deliveries. Additionally, we will provide personalized personal attention staff to provide you with the best shipping service. If you increase your sales, we have enough capacity to take your volumes, adapting to your needs. Your customer will have access to the estao information for your shipment throughout the process. 

Service Features

  • Delivery Date Reliability
  • Deliveries arranged by sender or receiver
  • Morning Delivery
  • Special delivery media (deck truck, etc.)
  • Large volume management capability
  • Total traceability, from origin to destination
  • Management and control in the returns process
  • Agility and simplicity of COD payments
  • Same Arrivals and Departure Fee
  • Pre-Alert Service to Receiver

Sara Tiscar

Key Account Manager DHL eCommerce Iberia, an expert in shipping solutions for the publishing industry

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