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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To start using the Customer Area you will need to self-register with your email by entering the assigned customer account. Self-registration allows you to enter the account in two ways:

    a) Enter the 8 digit account and the province field will self populate

    b) Enter up to 6 digits of the account and choose the province it belongs to.

  • Log out by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon at the top right of the screen and you can start the self-registration process with another account.

  • You are the first registered user, and by default you will automatically be assigned the administrator profile of that CIF. You will need to enter the account VAT verification code as the following model:



    A = initial letter (if any)

    00000000 = 8 digits. If your CIF has less than 8 digits, please complete it including zeros.

    B = final letter (if any)

    Do not include spaces between characters.

    You will then be able to add as many accounts associated with that CIF as you wish. Additionally, you can manage permissions to other users that are self-reported. If you wish and manage other CIF account shipments, you should contact your DHL manager for activation.

  • A user associated with that account already exists and, as an account administrator, you must approve your registration request. Once you have handled your request, we will send you a welcome email informing you of the permissions that your administrator has enabled you. If your request is not validated by your administrator, you will receive a weekly reminder email within one month of your registration request.

  • You have made more than ten failed access attempts in one session. An email will be sent to you with a token that allows you to unlock your password.

  • It could be due to several causes: that the email has gone to the Spam folder, your administrator has not yet approved your request and you have to wait to support your request or the email entered is invalid, in which case you should contact your DHL manager.

  • This is because it has been more than one hour since the email issuance and, for IT security, tokens expire after this deadline.

  • Depending on the volume of data in your account, the system needs a time for your upgrade. It is recommended in this case to wait 30 minutes and re-enter this time.

  • Users can only be deleted by the administrator. If you want to delete or change an administrator user, you should contact your sales manager for that change.

  • Only the administrator user can add accounts from the same CIF.

  • In your first access to the customer area, you will see the default view for DHL eCommerce. However, this view is dynamic and this means you can move, delete, and add fields based on your preferences. There are two ways to do this:

    1-Place the cursor over the name of the corresponding field, click (you will see that the field in question is highlighted with a gray shading) and, without releasing the mouse button, move it to the location you are interested in. Click on one of the arrows to sort ascending or descending and the reverse arrow will disappear. Click again and get the reverse order. A third click resets the initial order. To delete a field, click the red x.

    2- Use the wheel shaped icon indicating Set Up at the right end of the field bar. You'll find this icon in Shipment Tracking, Shipment Management, and Collections.

  • Yes, using the export or share buttons, you can get a custom report of selected fields and filters from the different client area modules: Shipment Tracking / Shipment Management / Pickup.

  • By default 7 days, you can see a historical up to 180 days.

  • No, all expeditions for Outputs as of Arrivals, both domestic and international, as well as the Pickups of all accounts associated with the registered user.

  • Although only 17 characters are displayed in the listing, you can search for references up to 35 characters.

  • No, only expedition issues can be managed pending delivery. These shipments will be easily identifiable by an identification icon in both Shipment Tracking and Shipment Detail as well as in the specific section of Shipping Management.

  • Yes, the customer area will allow you to see the type of solution given to your shipments from both the public area of the web and the customer area, as well as those that could have been processed from DHL eCommerce.

  • No, you can only manage shipments of shipments to Portugal and all international arrivals, so please contact your manager DHL eCommerce for resolution.

  • If you don't have a fixed pickup or need an additional pickup, you can always request a pickup at home. Remember that the packages must be properly labeled and provide information about shipments for that collection.

  • Service available for product only DHL Parcel Europlus (inter-company shipments). You can request a return to your regular address (reverse logistics) or a third-party delivery.

  • Service only available for pick-ups in Portugal, not collected in all other countries.

  • Yes, they can be made for deliveries to a third party with the service DHL Parcel Europlus International

  • Yes, if the pickup orr is within the deadline for receiving new orders for that zip code otherwise it will be done on the next business day.

  • No, DHL eCommerce requires a minimum of two hours for pick up, either in morning hours, either in late or both hours.

  • If, there are weight and dimensions limitations on a pickup postal count, if your collection exceeds these limitations, you will be prompted with a message indicating that this collection cannot be processed for this reason.

  • No, if the goods require special media, in which case you should contact your manager DHL eCommerce, or it is merchandise considered as Unacceptable shipment for transport.

  • Yes, you will be able to download the proof of delivery of your departure and arrival to due, from shipment detail and the specific section of proof of delivery, with up to 10 vouchers per search.

  • Proof of delivery will be available 24-48 hours after the delivery date.

  • It may not be 24-48 hrs from delivery or we don’t have the image available on our system, in which case the corresponding message will appear when you click on the POD icon.

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