A Europe-wide network, controlled by a trusted partner

The Power of Teamwork

To deliver your goods reliably across Europe takes teamwork. DHL's European infrastructure is widely recognised as the best there is. To make it even stronger, we've teamed up with outstanding domestic carriers to ensure reliable delivery to every address in Europe.

International Linehaul With Last Mile Experts

Together we call this alliance the Parcel Union. It combines DHL's direct international linehaul with the last mile knowledge, speed and expertise of our selected partners. With DHL in charge of the whole process, you can rely on a fast yet cost-effective transit time that lets you get on with business.

Local Delivery Details Matter

Because the members of the Parcel Union are experts in their own countries, they understand the details that matter to local customers - from cash on delivery to service point collection options. Which means reliability for you and convenience for your customers.


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