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2020 has marked a turning point for online businesses. One of the big changes brought to the attention of the health crisis has been the ultimate takeoff of e-commerce. From DHL Parcel we invite you to explore together next Thursday, January 28 at 5 pm, the digital peak season in history.

Some of the things we will cover will be:

  1. Peak Season 2020 Global Analysis
  2. Logistics Expert Rating 4.0, Carlos Zubialde
  3. Round table with our four guests:
  • Ginés Martinez, Logistics Manager in Pikolin Home
  • Ion Draghita, CEO and CO-Founder by Fancy Haus
  • Fernando Pisón, Director Logistics at Game Stores Iberia
  • Carlos Zubialde, Transportation Consultant at LIS Solutions

The event will be moderated by Daniel Pastrana, Director B2C at DHL Parcel Iberia

Accesses from here to the webinar or copy and paste the following url into your browser:

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