Are you a retail company interested in distributing large volumes?

At DHL Parcel we offer you a flexible B2B shipping service adaptable to your shipping needs and fashion industry rhythms, maintaining our service level even in the peak dates, periods where a very high volume of shipments occur such as sales,  on the Black Friday or Christmas. 

  • We reach all recipients, wherever they are: city center, shopping centers, marketplaces, etc.
  • Multiple tracking and traceability options: per piece, by reference, by expedition.
  • We have delegations in all provinces in Spain and Portugal
  • Optimizes your supply chain – reduces fixed costs, lead times to stores and customers
  • Optimize your stock management, prioritize your TOP sales products to arrive before you go
  • Get support from a highly skilled and highly experienced team in the industry

Eduard Guillera

Key Account Manager DHL Parcel Iberia, expert in shipping solutions for the fashion industry

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How did ASOS create a brand on a European scale?

As ASOS' success grew, logistics became an increasingly complex problem. So, in 2014 ASOS decided they needed to team with a logistics provider who could take them to the next level.