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Whatever your need for shipping, DHL Parcel can help you, as well as being specialists in business package shipping and e-commerce shipments, as well we offer a private shipping service so you can make cheap shipments to Spain and Europeand in a very easy way with DHL.  

Shipping Modalities

At DHL Parcel, we offer you two options to make your private shipments: you can send online or, if you prefer, you can personally send through one of the many local retailers who collaborate with us and are part of our ServicePoints network. 

Find out how to ship with DHL Parcel step by step.

Ship from local trade

With our new in-store shipping service, shipping packages to Spain and Europe is easy. You don't need to pay onilne, or print your label. Just go to one of the stores in our ServicePoints network that offers this service, and they take care of everything for you. 

Send Online

Making your shipment online is and easy with our online shipping modality. To send to Europe and Spain at the best price, simply create your online shipment, print the label, apply to the package, and join one of our ServicePoints, we have more than 3700 on the Peninsula!

Weight-based shipping rates

Small Shipment

Up to 2 kilogram

  • from €7.93 + VAT

Medium Package

Up to 5 kg

  • from 8.59€ + VAT

Large Package

Up to 10 kg

  • from €10.57 + VAT

Oversized Package

Up to 20kg

  •  from €12.55 + VAT

How do I make a particular shipment to Europe?

We send your packages to anyone you want and where you want. At DHL Parcel, we offer very competitive rates for your shipments to Europe.

We bring your package to Europe

We've got you covered to all major European destinations.

Cheap shipments to Europe

Our private shipping service to Europe offers very competitive pricing. Plus, with promo code 20CONPARCEL you can get 20% off. To get this, access our online shipping tool, complete your shipment details, and include the promo code before you checkout. 

What do you expect to try our particular shipping service? 

How much does a shipment cost to Europe?

Access our online tool and check out our special shipping rates to Europe.

Send with Discount

Get 20% off your particular shipping with code 20CONPARCEL