Sending a package to any country in the European Union is really simple because thanks to free trade treaties, customs is not required. Connections between Spain and all other member states are many, so if you need to ship to any country in the European Union, from DHL Parcel we’ll make it easy:

    • Enter the destination, origin, measurement and weight of your shipment.
    • You can make payment by credit card or through Paypal. 
    • Download and print the label. Labels are valid for 3 months since they are created, so you have that time to go to one of our ServicePoints and complete the shipping process. 
    • Use a hard cardboard box of sufficient size for the merchandise you want to send. If necessary, protect your shipment with bubble paper.
    • If the merchandise is fragile, it is important that drivers be aware of this information. 
    • Close the box with packing tape covering all corners correctly.
  • Find here the nearest.

How much does it cost to ship a package to Europe?

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I want to send a package to...

Send a package to Germany

Send a package to Germany cheap and fast with DHL Parcel. 

Send a package to France

Send a package to France cheap and fast with DHL Parcel.

Send a package to Italy

Send a package to Italy cheap and fast with DHL Parcel. 

How do I make a particular shipment to Europe?

We send your packages to anyone you want and where you want. With DHL Parcel, shipping a package to Europe is easy. 

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