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If you have friends, family or customers in the Czech Republic, you may need to send them packages at some point. At DHL Parcel, we can help you ship your packages to this Central European country quickly and economically. Here are some examples of why you might need to ship a package to the Czech Republic with us:

  • Prague, the Czech capital, is a popular destination for international students. At DHL Parcel, we make it easy for you to ship your belongings through our personal service

  • The Czech Republic is a beautiful country full of history, and many Spanish tourists visit this country every year. If you’ve purchased some and souvenirs, DHL Parcel helps you ship them home at an affordable price.

  • DHL Parcel offers flexible and efficient shipping solutions for businesses of all sizes, with real-time tracking options and fast delivery throughout the Czech Republic.

DHL makes it easy


Access our shipping platform and in just 3 steps create your label:

Enter your shipment details: destination, origin, measurements and weight. Make payment by card or Paypal. Download the label and print it on any printer.


Securely pack your shipment and affix the label to the box

Choose a hard cardboard box the size of the merchandise you want to ship. Indicates if the merchandise is fragile, it is important that couriers are informed. 


Take your shipment to one of our 3,700 collection points

Findherethe closest

How much does it cost to ship a package to the Czech Republic?

 Get 20% off with discount code DHLREPUBLICACHECA

If you need to know how much it costs to ship a package to the Czech Republic, DHL Parcel makes it easy.  you just need to access our website and select Czech Republic destination. This allows you to see the different prices depending on the size of your shipment.

Use the discount code DHLREPUBLICACHECA and send from €16.79 + VAT!


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