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Here it is. Our official DHL extension for WordPress with WooCommerce. If you are managing your orders via a WooCommerce store on WordPress and looking for a convenient way to orchestrate your domestic and cross border shipments with DHL eCommerce, DHL Paket or DHL Parcel Europe - this is what you need. While WordPress is one of the most commonly used content management systems, WooCommerce is the corresponding famous (+3m downloads) e-commerce system you install within WordPress. You now have a convenient way to retrieve shipping products, print labels and provide tracking information back to your customers with the DHL for WooCommerce extension.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce was first released in 2011 and is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It was initially developed for small to large-sized online merchants operating on WordPress. Because it is free of charge, open source, easy to set up, convenient and fast to customize and due to thousands of free and premium add-ons and extensions, the functionality is extendable to almost every e-commerce requirement. With more than 3 million downloads (2017) and a huge base of active installs, WooCommerce and WordPress are definitely among the world leading e-commerce systems.


  • Print DHL labels using DHL Paket, DHL Parcel Europe or DHL eCommerce: Fast and easy label creation of your domestic and international orders
  • Create Auto tracking codes: Automatically receive a tracking code for each label you create (if tracking is available for the selected product)
  • Create Handover Notes conveniently for a smooth and reliable manifesting process in-line with your specific regional requirements for DHL eCommerce
  • Use additional delivery services as e.g. the visual check of age available via the API of DHL Paket or Cash on delivery by DHL eCommerce in selected countries.
  • Offer Preferred Delivery Options to your customers via DHL Paket “Wunschpaket” enabling your customers to select the preferred time and location of delivery. If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor, the parcel can also be delivered in his absence.
  • Customize names and rates: Enable/disable or edit the names of services and set up the handling costs for each DHL shipping service
  • Delete labels or reprint labels in case your printer experienced any issues.
  • Experience premium support, timely compatibility updates and bug fixes.

How the DHL WooCommerce Plugin Helps Our Customers Do Better Business

How the DHL WooCommerce Plugin Works

Availability of Shipping Products by Sender Country

DHL shipping products range from small light weight packets with milestone tracking to delivery duty paid parcels with end-to-end tracking and a range of delivery times from same day delivery to 14 day delivery depending on your sender country and shipment destinations. To find the DHL shipping product that best suits your needs, please see available DHL products and services in the overview below.

Please note: Based on your sender country and shipping preference, different access credentials for DHL Paket, DHL Parcel Europe and DHL eCommerce are required for configuration.  Please find respective details next.

WooCommerce is not available for DHL eCommerce Solutions Australia.

Prerequisites & Download

  1. Check the geographical availability of our DHL shipping services for your sender country as shown in above product overview and check if you can use DHL Paket, DHL Parcel Europe or DHL eCommerce
  2. Download and install the plugin “DHL for WooCommerce” from here: 
  3. Check the required customer account credentials as described in the installation and configuration instructions shown in the next chapter.
  4. Not yet a customer of DHL Paket, DHL Parcel Europe or DHL eCommerce? Sign up here …
    1. Ensure that WordPress is installed and the WooCommerce plugin (0) is activated
    2. Go to the plugins menu (1) and click on “add new” (2).
    3. Install the “DHL for WooCommerce” plugin by using one of the following options:
      a. Download and install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin directory or
      b. Download the DHL Shipping for WooCommerce plugin from and save it in your local computer. Do not unzip the file but upload the entire zip file. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server by clicking on “add plugin” within your WordPress admin account and select the zip file. Click on install.
    4. Go back to the plugins menu and activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress by clicking on “Activate” (3).
  • With the integrated shipping logistics system “DHL Shipping”, you create and organize shipping labels directly in the backend of WooCommerce for the products “DHL Paket”, DHL Paket International” and “DHL Paket Austria”. It can be used with the business customer API 2.2 (GK-API) and offers the booking of additional delivery services e. g. the visual check of age. Note: The plugin does not support DHL Intraship.

    In order to configurate the shipping from Germany or Austria with DHL Paket you need to navigate within the section WooCommerce first to setting and then to DHL Paket.

    Afterwards the master data related to your DHL customer account is required. Please enter your account number (EKP) as well as the referring participation numbers (Teilnahmen) of the DHL products you use. The participation number consists of the last two characters of the accounting number for the referring product (can be numbers as well as letters). In addition please define the domestic as well as international default product you want to use and the shipping method. We will come back to explain the exclusion of payment methods later on.



    Within the section “API Settings” your user and password of the business customer portal is required. To test the functioning of the connection via the “Test Connection” button you need to ensure that all settings are saved at the end of the page.

    The feature “Preferred Service / DHL Wunschpaket” is frontend based and allows you to offer your customers additional services for an individual parcel receipt directly in your web shop . If the customer enters his home address and chooses a preferred location or preferred neighbor , the parcel can also be delivered in his absence. Besides, your customers can indicate a preferred day or time for the delivery. The services chosen by your customer in the frontend are automatically transmitted to the backend and are then forwarded  to DHL alongside with the electronic shipment data. 

    Settings for shop owner:

    • Enable/Disable preferred day
    • Define a surcharge for preferred day (displayed in the frontend)
    • Define a cut off time for preferred day (determines the display of possible preferred days in the frontend)
    • Exclude parcel transfer days to DHL (in order to ensure the right calculation of displayed preferred days in the frontend)
    • Enable/Disable preferred time
    • Define a surcharge for preferred time (displayed in the frontend)
    • Define a surcharge for the combination of preferred time and preferred day (displayed in the frontend in case a consumer chose a preferred time and a day)
    • Enable/Disable Preferred location
    • Enable/Disable Preferred neighbour

    Note: Please note that the preferred delivery services are only offered for shipping within Germany.

    Preferred day:

    This option allows your customer to choose a preferred day on which the package should be delivered. There are always 5 possible preferred days shown in the frontend. The calculation of preferred day is realized as follows:

    Preferred time:

    This option allows your customer to choose a preferred time of day at which the package should be delivered. The options that are available are: none, 18-20 and 19-21.

    Preferred Location:

    This option allows your customer to set a preferred location the package should be delivered to (garage, foyer, etc.).

    Preferred Neighbor:

    This option allows your customer to set a preferred neighbors address the parcel should be delivered to if your customer is not at home.

    There are a few payment methods that do not match with the preferred services. Please check the plausibility of your preferred services and payment methods offered. In case you offer preferred location, the payment method cash on delivery (COD) should be deactivated. These settings can be done in the upper section “Exclude Payment Gateways”.

    In this section you can define the sender address that will be shown on the shipping label.


    In order to be able to use the CoD function you need to provide bank details for the account where the cash will be transferred to.

    Add DHL CoD fee to the CoD account in DHL App call: This setting adds the fee that DHL demands for this service to the order price automatically.

    In this section you can define the sender address that will be shown on the shipping label.


  • How to create a shipping label

    Shop owners can easily create labels for a DHL Paket shipment by using the DHL WooCommerce Integration. Besides, the interface allows a transfer of all orders to the DHL Paket Business Customer Portal where labels can be generated as well. In order to create a label, just follow the following steps.

    1. Go to the orders overview of your shop

    2. Chose the order you want to create the DHL label for

    On the overview  page you can see all details for this order. There are all details concerning the DHL shipping. The chosen product and services can be edited here.

    3. Press “Generate Label” in order to get the shipping label


  • Get your activation code

    Before you start working with WooCommerce, first fetch your activation code (also Api Key) from My DHL Parcel. In My DHL Parcel you can find this code under ‘Settings’ (1) in the ‘API Keys’ tab. Click on the ‘Generate Api Key’ (2) button to fetch your activation code. Save these data safely.

    Choose the correct country setting

    Before you enter this activation code and activate the plug-in, under Settings, General (1) select the country in which your company is operating. 

    Enter activation code in WooCommerce

    Now open the ‘WooCommerce’ menu, go to Settings, Shipping methods and select ‘DHL in WooCommerce’. Click on the ‘Account details’ menu. Here you can enter the activation code in the ‘UserID’ (1) and ‘Key’ (2) fields. Click on the ‘Test connection’ (3) button and if the connection is successful the button turns green. Should the connection not be successful contact support. After activating the connection select your ‘Customer number’ (4) and ‘Company code’ (5). The ‘Company code’ is automatically selected. Save the data.

    Setting shipping and delivery options
    In the shipping options (1) menu you set the shipping options you want to offer your customers and the prices you charge:

    • Do you only ship to business addresses? Set this by checking ‘Ship business by default’ (2). Skip this step if you mainly ship to consumers.
    • If you want to offer your recipients free delivery, check ‘Free delivery’ (3) and enter from which amount this applies (4), for example for all orders (€0) or for orders from €25.
    • Do you want to enter the shipping costs excluding VAT so the plug-in calculates the VAT for you? At number 5 enter the VAT percentage that the plug-in must add with the shipping costs or enter ‘0’ here.
    • Then choose your delivery options (6, 7, 8, etc.) and enter the costs to be charged for them. Save your data. 

    Set default shipping address

    In the ‘Standard shipping address’ (1) menu enter your details (2) that will be visible as the sender address on the label. Save your data.

  • Printing labels

    To print the label for your orders go to the ‘Orders’ (1) menu and click on the order number or the eye icon in the ‘Actions’ (2) column.   

    You can then check the address details and change them if required (1). On the right-hand side of the screen you see the shipping options that your customer has selected. You can still select the ‘Signature’ and ‘Letterbox parcel’ option if applicable. Then print the label by clicking on the ‘Create’ (3) button. 

    After creating the label confirmation is shown under the create button (1). You can download and print the label top right (2). Here you also see the shipping number with which you can follow the shipment by track & trace. 

  • After installation and activation, open the “WooCommerce” menu within the Admin panel on the left (4), then select “Settings” (5). On the appearing sub-navigational bar and within the window select the Tab “Shipping” (6) in the top line navigation. You should now find the new header “DHL eCommerce” (7) as shown in the screenshot below (You can only see DHL eCommerce if your shop is configured for a country, where DHL eCommerce services are available)

    1. To configure your account, please enter your “Pickup Account Name” (8) - (should be a 10 digit code), your “Pickup Account Number” (9) ) - (should be a 10 digit code) and the distribution center you use (10). This information is provided by your DHL eCommerce account manager and also documented within your contract.
    2. In the drop-downs (11 and 12) please indicate the domestic and/or international shipping product you want to offer as a standard shipping service – you can customize this easily for each incoming order separately during the print label process. Please note, that in case one of both services (domestic or international) is not available in your country, it will not appear automatically.
    3. The package prefix (13) is added to the tracking number to identify that the package is coming from your shop. The value can consist of max. 5 characters. This only applies for customers in the Asia Pacific region.
    4. Please select the appropriate package description (14) that will be automatically added to each shipment based on the selected parameters out of your WooCommerce product catalog. DHL needs this information to ensure smooth customs clearance for your cross border shipments. You can edit each of the created descriptions during order processing.
    5. Please select your preferred label format (15) and package handover option (16) from the drop-down menus.
    6. Finally, just enter your API credentials – “Client Id” (17) and “Client Secret” (18) for the Global DHL eCommerce API as given to you by your DHL eCommerce account manager -  in case you do not yet have API credentials – please let us know your customer account number via and we will provide you back your credentials.
    7. If you want to test against our Sandbox first, please type in your sandbox credentials (17 & 18) alternatively and check the Sandbox mode button (19)
    8. To complete the setup, we recommend testing the correct setup of all required parameters by clicking on the “Test Connection” button (20)
  • Label Generation:

    1. After you have defined your shipping zones and standard offering as you normally do in WooCommerce, you can start processing your orders by clicking on the “Order” tab within the WooCommerce sub menu (21) and select an open order.
    2. Within this view, you can now easily change the standard “DHL Shipping Service” (22), adopt shipping features and weight (calculated based on the product information for each order) (23).
    3. Please check the auto-filled package description for customs and edit if required (24).
    4. If you click on “Generate Label” (25), a label and its corresponding tracking code will be created and the button changes from “Create Label” to “Download Label”- If all information is displayed accurately, click on “Print Label” and a new window will open with the actual label information while your order is being updated with the tracking ID for this shipment.
    5. Print each label and apply on your shipments as you would normally do.

    Handover note creation:

    1. Latest 30 minutes after generating your labels you will automatically receive individual tracking numbers (26) for your shipments as you can see within the order overview (27).
    2. To prepare your manifest and pick up or drop off, select the ready labeled shipments you wish to process. Select those orders in the order overview (28), then select the bulk action of “DHL Parcel handover” (29) and click the “Apply” button (30) next to it. For easier sorting and filtering, you may refer to the column “DHL Label created” (28).
    3. If you click on the “Handover note” link, a page (30) will open with your consolidated shipment information. Check it to ensure you have covered all the shipments you wish to hand in - Print it, sign it and hand it over during your pick up or drop off as usual.

    Handover Note:

  • Your question is not answered here? For frequently asked questions please check or visit our integration page to understand alternative integration options at

  • In case you experience issues with our “DHL for WooCommerce” Plugin, please get in touch with us – we are happy to help. Please use the following contact points for your inquiries: 

  • 2017/12/01: Official go live of v1.0

    2017/11/15: DHL Parcel Europe added

    2017/11/01: Initial version of the DHL for WooCommerce plugin with closed beta

  • Since we understand your needs for more services to be added, we plan on the following features to be added within the next releases.

    • DHL Express will join the DHL for WooCommerce plugin soon
    • Pick up requests by simply clicking a button and letting us know your preferred times and requested volumes will be added for DHL eCommerce
    • Shipping product selection in cart to give your customers the full choice of DHL shipping products
    • Rates and Capabilities within your carts in real time via API to avoid maintaining your rates manually

In case you feel something is missing to make your customers happy, feel free to let us know via the underneath message box – thanks in advance!

A feature I would love to see soon ...

You want to use our “DHL for WooCommerce” plugin but do not have a DHL customer account yet?