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Required Documentation for DHL Express Shipments

What you need to ship if you don't have a DHL account number

Documents to Be Attached to the Shipment

For shipments with destinations in Italy or in the European Union, simply fill in the waybill (AWB) specifying the sender, the consignee and a description of the goods.

For shipments outside the EU, it is necessary to fill in and sign:

  • the waybill (AWB)
  • the invoice in English
  • the Free Export Declaration

The Invoice must be filled in in English and must contain a full list and detailed description of contents, avoiding too vague definitions and specifying the real value of each item.

All shipments made are subject to DHL Express' General Conditions of Carriage, available for review and download in the "Legal Notice" section of website.

Everything You Need to Know to Ship

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