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DHL Express Tracking

Information to check the status and progress of your shipment

Check Your Shipment Status

We offer several tools to check the status of your shipment:

  • Customer Support at 199.199.345*
  • MyDHL+, from which it is possible to check the status of shipments, set email / SMS alerts, and access delivery receipts
  • Email / SMS notification service to be activated when booking a pickup
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android

If you are not authorised to use our tools, contact your sales representative.

If you need technical assistance, contact Techline Service at 199.199.191*.

Transit Times

There are several tools for checking the delivery times of your shipment:

  • Customer Support
  • MyDHL+, from which it is possible to calculate delivery times, check available services and shipment status
  • DHL Capability Tool which provides delivery times on the basis of the shipper’s and consignee’s data entered


In the case of non-delivery, DHL Express couriers make a second attempt of delivery at the consignee’s address, trying to contact them at the telephone number indicated on the waybill.

Should this second attempt fail too, the shipment remains on hold at the nearest DHL Express service centre, awaiting for instructions.

What Tools Are Available to You to Give New Delivery Instructions to DHL?

Customer Support at 199.199.345*

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