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Boat & Sailing Shipments with DHL Express

Our solutions for the boat & sailing industry

"Made in Italy" ranks first in the world in terms of quality and innovation in the boating industry.

Expand with DHL

To continue to beat the competition it is necessary to turn to international markets and start an "internationalization" process with the support of qualified specialists.

Global Network

We provide you with our knowledge of international dynamics and large global network to pave the way to new horizons of growth for the boating sector.

Logistics Needs for Boating

In boating, the supply chain is a real challenge in terms of organization and engineering.

Industry Expertise

In order to make production and sales processes work properly, it is fundamental to optimize this sector’s supply chain and make it efficient, including through the experience and support of specialised services such as our DHL for Boating.

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DHL for Boat & Sailing Can Meet Any Need:

  • Ensuring quick supplies to construction sites, retailers and spare parts dealers
  • Ensure deliveries of spare parts within 24/48 hours to boats that are blocked due to failure or during regattas
  • Manage the transportation of high-tech accessories and equipment for boat customization
  • Handle materials, models, samples, and documentation to take part in the most prestigious international exhibitions
  • Identify specific solutions for components and products that, due to their nature or size, require "custom-made” solutions

Learn About Time Definite Services

With Time Definite Services, we can deliver your shipments by a predetermined time on the first possible business day.

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