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VAT De Minimis Removal

Consignees of Shipments From Non-EU Countries

As of July 1, 2021, all shipments of goods of any value sent from countries outside the European Union are subject to the payment of VAT.

We manage all procedures necessary to clear your shipment through the Customs and support you with a simple solution to pay VAT.


As of July 1, 2021, all shipments of products of any value sent from non-EU countries are subject to the payment of VAT and must be declared individually, even if their value is less than €22 (as is already the case in Italy ).

The threshold provided for the application of the duty remains unchanged, for imports of goods whose value exceeds €150.

To clear your shipment, we need your tax information - as importing party: Tax ID for private consignees or VAT number for companies.

DHL will send you an email and/or SMS with instructions for submitting your tax information, which is necessary to complete the import process and speed up the delivery of your shipment.

Payment of Customs Charges

  • If VAT, customs duties and any other costs for clearing your shipment through the Customs have already been paid (e.g., if VAT was included in the cost of the product): nothing is due on delivery.
  • If VAT, the customs duty and any other customs clearance costs are still to be paid, DHL will inform you in advance of the amount to be paid so as to speed up delivery.

You can pay the amount before delivery, through the DHL dedicated portal, by PayPal or credit card.

As soon as the shipment starts, DHL will send you a message (email/SMS) specifying the amount of charges and the secure link to make the payment immediately and communicate the Taxpayer's Code and VAT number.

Alternatively, you can pay the amount due (VAT and customs clearance costs) directly to the DHL courier upon delivery or possibly by bank transfer (parties with VAT numbers only).

DHL will issue an electronic invoice for the amount of customs duties (if any) and VAT, as provided for by Italian law, providing you with a copy of the invoice. If you have been asked to pay VAT or other charges to clear your shipment through the Customs, but expected to pay nothing upon delivery, contact the shipper for clarification.

You may find yourself in this situation if:

  • the shipper did not include VAT in the selling price
  • the shipper failed to provide DHL with correct information, such as, for example, the reasonable value of the goods

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