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Payment and Billing With DHL Express

All information related to payments, refunds and correct invoice reading

DHL Invoice

We offer you a brand-new invoice!

Inside our new invoice, you will find an initial summary page (containing the total amounts of freight costs, extra costs and discounts) and a final page with details of all invoice shipments.

The layout of our new invoice available is easy and intuitive. Each invoice refers to a specific account number, thus summarizing all transportation services. Moreover, the rates shown are directly associable with price lists.

Simple, detailed, comprehensive, and more structured: we offer you a renewed invoicing system, tailored to Customers.


DHL MyBill is a new tool that replaces the pre-existing ebilling system: the credentials (login and password) used for the latter therefore also apply to DHL MyBill.

Through this new innovative and comprehensive portal, our Account Customers can benefit from a wide range of features, including:

  • Possibility of managing their profile online and independently.
  • Possibility of having full control of their invoices, with details of open, outstanding or overdue invoices.
  • Possibility of making payments online (by credit card or bank transfer).
  • Possibility of starting online disputes relating to administrative aspects (freight costs).
  • Possibility of quickly obtaining and saving all accompanying documents (copies of waybills, customs attachments, account statements).
  • Possibility of directly accessing the "calculate rates" tool to make verifications or simulations.
  • Possibility of creating advanced reports and accessing the invoice archive (with a 12-month archive) to save them locally, choosing from various formats.

For technical information regarding the connection to DHL MyBill, please contact our specialists at

Rates and Additional Costs

Our price lists are structured by weight range and country of destination.

We charge the rate on the basis of the greater of actual weight and volumetric weight, so the cost of your shipment may be calculated on the basis of size, instead of being based on weight.

Fuel Surcharge and VAT (for domestic and EU destinations) should be added to the price list rate.

To quickly and timely check the cost of your shipments, use the rate calculator available on the MyDHL+ portal.

Depending on the type of shipment entrusted to us, we may incur additional costs.


Refund procedures

Below is a description of the procedures used in the case of refund:

Value refunds for cod shipments
The bank transfer is made after 7 days from shipment date.

Remittance of cheques made out to the customer
Cheques are remitted within 7 days from shipment date.

Refunds connected with claims for operational failures
If the customer has an outstanding debt with DHL, DHL will proceed with an offsetting record.
The customer may then withhold the relevant amount from subsequent payments.

Insurance value refunds
The bank transfer is made on a weekly basis.

Value refunds in relation to credit notes for wrong invoices
If the customer has an outstanding debt with DHL, DHL will proceed with an offsetting record.

The customer may then withhold the relevant amount from subsequent payments.

Electronic Invoicing

Account customers
New procedure from January 2019

Legislative Decree no. 205/2017 stipulates that, starting from 1st January 2019, companies must comply with the electronic invoicing system (through the SDI exchange system, managed by Agenzia delle Entrate or Inland Revenue Office) for all business transactions involving the sale of goods and the provision of services between persons residing in Italy, whether they are companies or final consumers.

What changes?

According to the Inland Revenue Office, if the customer is a VAT taxable person, then for the correct identification of each buyer/transferee, the customer is required to provide its suppliers with a Certified Email (PEC) address or a specific recipient code (i.e., a numerical code composed by 7 digits to be provided by the Inland Revenue Office) to which the invoice should be sent. This code will be entered in a specific "recipient code" field in the invoice.

DHL will continue to provide its customers with a copy of the electronic and paper invoice.

Our MyBill portal will be updated to keep that information on record.

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