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Customs Fees for International Shipments With DHL Express

Customs is an agency responsible for the control of import and export goods, authorised to collect customs duties (Duty and VAT).

At DHL Express we handle all customs paperwork and as soon as the goods are cleared, we arrange delivery to the final consignee.

Who Pays the Customs Duties?

For all shipments of goods to countries outside the EU, customs charges apply (VAT and possibly, depending on the type of imported goods, the relevant Customs Duties) which must be paid by the consignee who is importing the goods.

Check out our dedicated Customs Assistance section on Custom duties, which will provide you with the guidance you need to send your shipments through Customs with useful advice on Customs clearance.

Online Payment of Customs Charges Due by the Consignee

When you have to receive an import shipment from countries outside the European Union, customs authorities may request the payment of customs charges. With the Advanced Duties Collection service, any taxes and duties can be paid when the shipment is still in transit thus speeding up delivery. The shipment can then be delivered to anyone authorized to receive it.

Advanced Duties Collection is a simple, secure and free service that:

  • Notifies you in advance of the amount of charges
  • Allows you to download the accompanying documentation (waybill, exporting voice, other documents)
  • Allows you to pay customs charges without any cash movements, through Credit Card or PayPal

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